1. S

    Hi Guys n Gals

    Hi My name is Steve, known around various forums as sgreat.. I drive trucks for a living, kinda semi retired these days. I've had a house in Davutla for 14yrs, and I'm planning on spending more time there... Having only used it for long holidays, and renting to friends and family. I am a...
  2. Jaycey

    Two guys release a Cougar from foot trap... WOW!!
  3. K

    Hey Guys

    So, going mental on google these last few days looking at all the information I need to move to turkey.... I seem to be getting conflicting information, and then I stumbled across this site. So wondering if you guys could help. A little about me, visiting turkey for the first time last may...
  4. S

    Good guys really good?

    The recent thatcher thread brought out some good craic , divided opinions, useful debate but also some rank hypocrisy which I won't let go unchecked. Without re running the same subject the hypocrisy of " the great and the good" on here is sometimes bordering on the nauseating. The same...
  5. zuberdust

    Heeeeeeey guys!!!

    Hi everyone!! how are you lot? i havent been on in ages due to business and working! but was thinking about Tlf today... how are the users getting on? i keep in touch with the few whom i have on facebook... just basically saying a wee hello to everyone :D So i started a slightly different...
  6. Akasya

    Thankyou Guys

    Thanks to the Mods this morning for cleaning up once again , as volunteers you all have a real life to lead as well as this virtual one. So , good efforts , thanks very much you are appreciated. Steve.
  7. B

    hi guys

    hi guys new member from england.
  8. S

    Come on Guys! make a donation

    I'm sure people haven't taken the time to read Milliloves76 thread on the plight of the Syrian refugees- that's the only reason I can think of for the lack of response by so many of the regular posters! Please accept my apologies if I've misunderstood and you've PM'd directly.
  9. hennah1

    wow! take a chill pill guys!

    we are husband n wife, just dont need to feel we both have to sit together on 1 laptop together at the same time to chat n make friends! and if we are having a giggle between ourselves at the same time! AND WHAT? were not breaking any forum rules are we?:animation
  10. Mojive

    Well......what is your opinion on this guys and Girls???

    Malaysian women urge wives to be 'whores in bed' - Yahoo! News
  11. Chris&Cem

    We are losing two nice guys

    Last week I was very sad to hear that Ken and Jim are no longer at Gonulcelen and are returning home to N. Ireland. The place won't be the same without them. I'm sure they will be sorely missed by many. Thanks guys for many happy times and lovely evenings - you were always very welcoming and...
  12. P

    Found Perfect House for us! What do you guys think?

    Hey everyone. We have found the perfect house for us to live permanently in Turkey it is in Cukurbag Valley in Kas. Its on turkeyrealestate website ref: CB1 (Sorry I am not allowed to post links yet!) What do you guys think?Do you think £125000 is about right? Would this be a good area to...
  13. zuberdust

    Hey guys! Whats up!!

    Im Sakeb! from Scotland , Glasgow.... every1 cool? x x x
  14. B

    Hi Guys. New people!

    Been looking at this site trying to suss out how it all works ! Still not much further forward though but only way forward is to dip you toe in the water ! I'm Brian and my partner is Angela and we have decided to get out of the rat race ! We are fed up of the disgusting weather,government,and...
  15. P

    Hi Guys - Visiting in July

    Found you all by accident Take possesion of the new apartment in Yalikavak beginning of July and travelling over to get it all sorted Let me know where everyone hangs out as going to probably need a chat and a beer at some stage :)
  16. g&t

    Hi Guys

    HI Anyone, I'd just like to tell you briefly about Cagkent our site.It is a site made up of 91 villas.We are situated just off the silver sands beach.We have a large number of British owners on our site which has been a blessing because the site has had so many problems over the last 4 or so...
  17. Andy

    Happy Birthday guys & gals

    Many Happy Returns to Penny, Dave whose 50 today & Gracie 54. Hope you all have a great day away from this UK rain Best Wishes :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  18. Andy

    Happy Birthday guys x 3

    Happy Birthday you three neiljunnoah (49) jackie h (46) Sara-666 (38) Hope you all had a great day :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  19. E

    Datca dolls and guys

    Hi ALL Things are very quiet in this forum and I know there are Datca dolls and guys out there so lets use our forum .....pop in now and again and say hello or if you have been to Datca give us all an update !!! Look forward to hearing from you......sooooon :wink:
  20. M

    Hi Guys

    Hi guys just to let you know that we will be moving just outside of manavgat at the end of March 07. My husband will be a retired publican and Iwill be a retired nurse. Our villa is almost complete and we are lookig forward to some peace and quiet and furnishing our new home. We have been...
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