1. C

    5-month rental apartment/studio

    Hi all, I just started a seasonal job in a resort in Bodrum and would like to find a studio/one bedroom apartment (now until end of october). There are mostly short-term rentals online posted in English, so would be great if someone could recommend where to search or a real estate agent...
  2. T

    Guvercinlik restaurant name.

    Anyone know the name of the restaurant which is the first on the right hand side as you head into the area where the market is held? Sorry that's not very descriptive is it. The restaurant has a large wooden area to the left and an old stone house on the right where the kitchen is, and is run by...
  3. kemerkid

    Guvercinlik Desaster.

    The small town of Guvercinlik on the road between the airport and Bodrum suffered serious damage this evening when the newly completed drinking water pipe burst with explosive effect. Several houses were all but demolished when the mass of water smashed them aside, several cars were also damaged...
  4. Gill

    breathalysed at Guvercinlik

    We went to the airport last night to pick up visiting daughter- about 10.30pm, and we were pulled over at Guvercinlik check point and Bryan was given breath test. He registered 0.00 and had to sign the strip of paper that came out of the machine. Anyone else experienced this? Gill
  5. H

    Guvercinlik Info

    Hello - I'm a newbie and trying to find out as much as I can about this area. Is it terribly remote? Could you stay there in the winter? Is it a lovely place or a concrete nightmare? Hope I'm posting in the right place and not annoying anyone. Thanks!
  6. J


    Come on all you Bodrum experts tell me something about Guvercinlik. Seen a nice house there. Is there much to do,see,eat etc. Is it developed, or too far off the beaten track! Any info welcomed.
  7. P

    meya sitesi renovation programme near guvercinlik

    i wandered if anybody knew anything about this renovation called meya villas near guvercinlik , bodrum . its a cooperative being wound up with three bedroom detached villas including new furniture being modernised and sold for £45k also with communal facilities . they are being renovated and...
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