1. Bubbafella

    New! Lykia Link Golf in Gundogdu

    I had heard they were going to build a new course in Gungogdu it looks as if it's all done. Good news for us who live in the area of Side/Colakli/kumkoy as its just up the road and a lot closer than having to travel to Belek. Bubba
  2. H

    Side Dream Hotel in Gundogdu

    Hi, Does anyone know how the Side Dream Hotel In Gundogdu is getting on. Construction had just started last time we were there. Thanks
  3. H

    Furnishing A House In Gundogdu / Manavgat Market

    Hi, My sister and I recently bought a three bedroomed house in Gundogdu (hope I have spelt it right) and we are coming over with our husbands in three weeks time to completely furnish it. We will need TV, Fridge and small electrical items as well as beds, bedding, furniture etc., (in fact just...
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