1. lilacdiana

    Liona Hotel, Gundogan

    Hi Guys does anyone know anything about the Liona Hotel Gundogan (good or bad) and does Gundogan have enough to keep us occupied for 10 days?? Di x
  2. J

    Cheese flower cave gundogan

    Hi all we found the cheese flower cave after 8 years of looking.. Been trying to post some pictures but not sure how to get them on????any help please
  3. A

    gundogan sculpture park

    hi does anyone know the sculpture park in or near gundogan and is it easy to get to by dolmus apparently there is a man makes sculptures from anything he finds lying around and sells them thanks
  4. overmars

    Motorcycle hire in Gundogan or Yalikavak

    Hello, I am interested in hiring a motorcycle for a few days to do a bit of exploring. Something like a 125cc scooter with room for two. I'd only need it for 2 or 3 days. Is there anywhere I can hire one, either from a company or a local resident? I have a full driving license and a provisional...
  5. H

    Boat mooring in Gundogan

    Hi. Can anyone please help me. I'm looking to keep my small boat in Gundogan Harbour for August but can't find out any telephone number or email contact address. Does anyone know how I can find the booking process and costs. Thanks..
  6. P

    'Lost Gundogan'

    Hi All I am a new member with problems. To cut a long story short - bought a Heredot house in Gundogan a few years ago - as some others I see, struggled to get title deed thru lawyers - eventually visited and found someone living in 'my' house - lawyers said 'no problem' we have tapu - found it...
  7. OWENA

    summer in Gundogan

    Thought it was about time that we had a thread on Bars, restaurants, trips etc in Gundogan. So come on you lot from Gundogan, start talking!!:gathering We went to Hanimellis by the harbour the other week and it was really nice, and of course Iskale bar is always good value. Have been told that...
  8. M

    Boat Trips from Gundogan recommendations

    hi, all can anyone recommend a good boat trip from gundogan, we always go from turgutries would like to see something else, would like a fair price and a decent meal,cheers michael
  9. B

    Apartment for rent Gümüslük & Gündogan

    Apartment for rent in Gümüslük. 2 bedroom apartment with swimming pool and garden. Close to the sea and sea view. Peaceful. One bedroom apartment in Gündogan with seaview. Please write a private message if interested.
  10. K

    dolmus from Gundogan to Turgetries

    does anyone know the times of the dolmus that runs between Gundogan via Yalikavak and Gumusluk to Turgetries. I dont see to be able to find out any reliable information from official sites. Thanks
  11. D

    Wanted: Villa or Apartment Rental- Gundogan or Yalikavak

    Wanted: Villa or Apartment Rental- Gundogan or Yalikavak Small villa or apartment rental wanted for two people in Gundogan or Yalikavak for Sep 3 to Sep 11- Please reply to with location and rent etc.
  12. yalimart

    Ripped Off In Gundogan

    Following the sale of Dave and Lynnes possessions, they were interviewed by Voices Bodrum Newspaper this is the link to the article that has appeared this week Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Couples' despair as homes are auctioned off For anyone who has any doubts about what can...
  13. P

    My Blue Gundogan

    Anyone know anyone who has bought on My Blue Apartments Gundogan. I think the developers are Park Construction. Pete
  14. Y

    Sunrise - Tunali

    For various reasons it's been a long time since I've been on the forum. We own at the above development and are interested in getting in touch with other owners there. I am in contact with some of the other owners but not all. There are still some unresolved issues at the site and it would...
  15. P

    villa for sale in gundogan 3 bed rooms

    we are selling our 3 bed house in gundogan as we have not been able to use it and can't see us being able to in the next few years. details can be found at OurTurkishHouse thankyou. Paul
  16. OWENA

    FOR SALE - Arinna 2 in Gundogan

    We have decided to put the apartment up for sale. 3 bedrooms, all with wonderfull sea view, large living/kitchen area, bathroom, air-con units, white goods, water heater, lovely corner sofa unit, double bed and 2 single beds (never been used) - these are on the market for £70,000 without the...
  17. A

    Gundogan area

    Hi Im thinking of buying in Gundogan is it a good area to buy or is to far from Bodrum is it cold inthe winter I hear its very windy what is there to do in the area Thaks Arty;)

    Information on gundogan please

    Hi everyone, please can someone give me info on best restaurants fish and steak....... prices and times of the dolmus from Gundogan to Bodrum and generally any places of interest for someone there for 2 week holiday....DESPERATE THANKS
  19. P

    prices in Gundogan?

    Hi all just wondered what is happening with prices and sales in Gundogan and the rest of Bodrum? Paul
  20. Helenm150

    Turgutreis to Gundogan

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a dolmus service between Turgutreis and Gundogan? Thanks, Helen :confused:
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