1. bickern

    Skin Gun

    Burns victims are making incredible recoveries thanks to a revolutionary ‘gun’ that sprays stem cells on to their wounds, enabling them to rapidly grow new skin. People who suffer extensive burns usually have to endure weeks or even months of treatment, with surgeons taking large sheets of skin...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Gun violence in Turkey

    I find these two articles difficult to correlate:- Gun violence in Turkey increased 69% Gun violence in Turkey increased 69 percent in last 4 years: Association - Turkey News Price of bullets reduced:- Turkish state company?s cut in bullet prices triggers reaction - Turkey News
  3. K

    Gun control

    We could all learn from this example, but I can't see US adopting this anytime soon! How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime - BBC News
  4. Spurs

    The Gun Shop

    Christ how disturbing that programme was. Channel 4, people need to watch it maybe just to get an insight to life in America when it comes to owning guns. For the children its just like going into Toys R Us. Makes more than grateful that we have not reached anything like that here.
  5. bickern

    Gun shop reports soaring AR 15 sales

    If this is true then how many guns does a gun shop hold in stock? I dread to think how much Ammo. 15,000 from 1 dealer seems hard to believe to me but then again I have never visited America. I would have thought the website oversold if it is true. If I knew that people all around me were...
  6. Spurs

    Top gun or bottom?

    Do you think the tower were screaming at Joker? Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower | World news | The Guardian

    US Gun Control

    Jim Jefferies - US Gun Control - Live Stand Up Comedy - Best comedian ever 2015 - YouTube
  8. S

    smoking gun !

    Was in the uk the other day visiting my elderly mother in hospital. was quite surprised when I found out that apparently there is now no smoking allowed inside hospital grounds at all for anybody, that includes patients,staff, visitors etc. so you wont be seeing people outside the doors having a...
  9. Mushtaq

    Gun instructor accidentally shot dead by 9 year old girl with Uzi gun

    A gun instructor in Arizona has been accidentally shot and killed by a nine-year-old girl that he was teaching to fire an automatic Uzi submachine gun. Charles Vacca, 39, was killed on Monday after being shot in the head at an outdoor shooting range in White Hills. The accident happened when...
  10. V

    Heathrow gun scare!

    Seems like security is so tight now at Heathrow Airport that a miniature gun attached to the children's toy Woody from Toy Story was confiscated after being seen as a threat! Reach for the sky! Overzealous Heathrow security officials confiscate Toy Story cowboy Woody DOLL'S miniature gun | Mail...
  11. teosgirl

    Gun fight Bodrum

    LOCAL - Exchange of fire in resort town of Bodrum leaves two assailants dead A difficult season, but this won't help. Charlotte
  12. jandj

    Gun shop in Izmir?

    Does anyone know where there are gun shops in Izmir, I guess Alsancak, but dont really know. Its not for any sinister reasons, but would be grateful for any help. Many thanks, John
  13. B

    Obama and gun controls.

    BBC News - US gun debate: Obama unveils gun control proposals The big question must be, can Obama get this bill through Congress? It's looking doubtful!!! Bill.
  14. giglets

    Racist Sicko kills two in gun attack in Florence

    Thank God this filth killed himself afterwards - did the whole world a Big Favour! An Italian man has opened fire in two markets in central Florence, killing two Senegalese traders and injuring three others. The attacker, 50-year-old Gianluca Casseri, belonged to a far-right group, Italian...
  15. ceemac

    Turkish gun shops go from back alley to mall

    There's an interesting paragraph in this where it states that all Turkish citizens have the right to buy and possess firearms under certain criteria, and foreigners can buy and keep a shotgun just by producing a passport? 'A glitzy gun shop visible from the mall food court would have been a...
  16. ceemac

    'Bible' Gun Sights

    I would have used a term much stronger than 'inappropriate' for this amazing practice. 'Coded Bible references on gun sights used by a number of armies, including the US, have been called "inappropriate". New Zealand said on Thursday that its military would remove the citations from the...
  17. SuperBogs

    Hand Gun For Sale

    We have a 7.65 mm Unigue ( French 10) for sale. My wife bought it off of the police chief in her home town 15 years ago and only fired it once ( the man lived) a range. It's been kept in her safe since. I am not sure of what you need to go through to be able to legally own a hand gun...
  18. Neil_Denizli

    How to buy a gun?

    Does anyone know whether foreigners can legally buy handguns in Turkey and, if so, what the procedure is? If it's not possible, and a Turkish friend purchases for me, can anyone suggest a place to buy in Bodrum area? Or is it necessary to go to Istanbul? Thanks
  19. KKOB

    The Things You See When You Haven't Got a Gun

  20. immac

    Gun Culture

    From ZAMAN: Individual armament reaches alarming levels Statistics reveal a surge in individual possession of arms, already ringing the alarm bell in the security institutions of the state, but non-governmental organizations claim the real picture is even worse than what the figures show...
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