1. R

    Gumusluk Belediyesi Fees

    Hi. We’ve always gone into the Belediyesi to pay our fees, does anyone know if his can be done online? And if so how? Many thanks Rob
  2. B

    Dolmus Times Bodrum to Gumusluk

    Hi All Do the dolmus times change in the winter months, and if so what is the latest time from Bodrum? Thank you
  3. H

    Gumusluk villa for sale

    Hello Everyone, We have a beautiful Villa FOR SALE in GUMUSLUK - Bodrum area. The Size of the land is 700m2 with internal property measuring 110m2 split in 2 floors. Its a two bedroom on PRIVATE LAND, NO SITESI and OWN POOL. No Monthly/yearly fees AND...... its only 300m away from the beach and...
  4. mollag

    Gumusluk dolmi

    A bit late in the season for heads up but the Dolmus for Gumusluk that leaves from Turgutreis now leaves from the Oto Park coach station, not the usual central Dolmus park.:114mf:
  5. mollag

    Gumusluk update.

    Not a lot changed at first look. A number of new houses in various stages of construct. A new BIM almost ready alongside the 101 supermarket. Sadly the Lokanta over by the Guncelen pension has closed, loved that little place. Havnt heard a van chime so far, not gas or water, i'm wondering if...
  6. B

    Property for Sale in Gumusluk, Sunlight Homes

    HI all, Sorry for hi-jacking this forum. I am a Turkish living in the UK. I am selling the property in the link as I am preparing for another investment. My asking price would be 60K and please feel free to PM me for details. cheers barkan
  7. B

    Enquiry re Grand Sea View near Gumusluk

    Hi, I have a friend who is interested in buying an investment property; does anyone have contact details for Grand Sea View (apartment or villa). The site is set in a tranquil location at the top of a hill between Yalikavak and Gumusluk. Please PM me with contact details of an owner on this site.
  8. mollag

    Villa Sale Gumusluk.

    This is a post for neighbors of mine on the Adalar Denizi Tatil Sitesi in Gumusluk. I know the site well and can answer most queries about it, i can supply an email address for more particular inquiries. I am posting because they are not familiar with internet things and have somehow become...
  9. A

    Internet in Koyunbaba, above Gumusluk?

    Hi, only here 18 months, my second Winter approaching. I love life here, but in the Winter I really need a decent internet connection. just to watch English TV, and skype my loved ones. At the moment I have Airnet and when it is working properly it is really good. But over the last few months...
  10. mollag

    Car for sale, Gumusluk.

    Available in July, a 2001 Kartal estate, factory lpg fit, good running condition, would benefit from a repaint but other than that all well, one year left on MOT. Yabanci plates. Asking price 6,000 Tl. Offering on behalf of friends on site. Will pass on contact details from PM's.
  11. G

    Estate Agent - Gumusluk?

    We'd like to get our house valued with a view to putting it on the market later this year or early next year. We've had over 10 years of holidays, some great family times and a few adventures! Time to move on though..... I've seen some good feedback re PPS but as we want a couple of quotes can...
  12. A

    Best wifi / internet provider in Gumusluk

    We are looking for the best of the best internet providers in Gumusluk? We will need to doing Skype calls or VOIP calls and hope it will be good quality. Thankful for advice!
  13. mollag

    Gumusluk prices.

    I'm a bit curious, having been away from Gum for 6 months or so, how prices for stuff is, Meat, Veg, bread and the like. We are back there in April, our usual contacts there, like us, have mostly departed so we feel a tad out of touch. Has the village "Dia " shop reopened? any Gum news would be...
  14. T

    Paying property tax in Gumusluk

    Hi folks...I'm pretty sure you think I'm a bit dim but I have another question. What do I need to take with me to pay property tax in gumusluk? I know I go to the town hall in the village, sure I'll find it. Do they speak English as my turkish is dire? Thanks
  15. Neil_Denizli

    170 m2 Gumusluk for Sale

    In Adalar Deniz Sitesi (near Kayahan Market, heading from Gumusluk Village towards Derekoy) ... All paperwork in order - tapu, no debts attached, can be checked quickly at the land registry office and sale would be straightforward. (Property is in my wife's name but I will be there to assist.)...
  16. M

    Taxi from Bodrum airport to Gumusluk?

    Hello, can any body recommend a taxi service to and from airport did have a number we used a few times but have lost it !!
  17. T

    Gumusluk Hills

    Hi, forgive me if I do all this wrong but I am a new member. My husband and I are travelling to Turkey in May as thinking of buying a holiday home. Have seen a few on-line in Gumusluk Hills complex. Does anyone know anything of this complex/have a home here and is there anything we should...
  18. M

    good place to eat in gumusluk

    Hi all, Just found a really good place to eat in Gumusluk village. It's called Pida & Izgara Salonu and it's opposite Serici market. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced. Large efes 7.50 tl. and the cay (tea) is free.
  19. M

    Apartment for sale in Gumusluk

    A modern 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment for sale in Royal Valley, Gumusluk. This apartment has 1 large balcony and 1 large roof terrace with spectacular panoramic sea views. Please pm for more information.
  20. A

    hotels in gumusluk

    hi is there any hotels in gumusluk or bed and breakfast places looking for a couple of days stay in oct
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