1. C

    Red Sofa bed & 50cm tv for sale gumuskaya near gumusluk.

    Hi, Red sofa bed great condition 200 tl ono 50 cm tv , make schaub lorenz 100 tl ono buyer to collect . If intrested pm me. Thank you.
  2. A

    Gumuskaya - Yalikavak Bus timetables?

    Hi does anyone know the times the dolmus leaves Gumaskaya to Yalikavak and are there any days they don't run a service. Also s there a nearby Migros to do a big shop nearby? Thanks
  3. Frank&Mary

    wi-fi spots in/ near Gumuskaya

    Does anyone know of any cafe/restarant in Gumuskaya with wifi access?. Its a bit of a schlep into Yali each time I want internet access. I know Victorial does but that is almost as far especally now the rental car has gone back and I am now back to public transport. Any advice would be greatly...
  4. L

    Gumuskaya Estate Agents - Help

    Hi, We have a 4 bedroom villa with a communal pool and gardens in Gumuskaya. We are looking to wind down work and thus would like to either rent the property out or sell the property. Can anyone recommend any estate agents that can either rent/sell the property. Any advice on market...
  5. N

    Baby cot hire needed in Gumuskaya

    Hi does any one know where we can hire a travel cot, or lend one. We are staying at Orka Villas from 30/7/12 Gumuskaya for 2 weeks. Thanks Kim
  6. C

    Gumuskaya - Electrician

    Need a recommendation for an electrician to do a few small jobs i.e. replacing light fittings etc. Preferably someone from the Gumuskaya area that has a little English. I've posted under 'Electricity' but thought I'd better put it in here also to increase my chances!
  7. B

    Apartment/house for rent

    It's possible to rent apartments in Gümüslük area with garden, swimming pool and 2 min. to the beach. 2 bedrooms etc. Gundogan - an apartment in a Villa is for rent. It's close to the beach ... there are stays leading to the beach. 1 bedroom. The rental can be for a short and long term...
  8. Yalides

    Gumuskaya - two bed villa for sale with sea views

    In the Gumuskaya area outside Yalikavak. For all details email We have the keys for viewing with permission from the owners. Pictures in the gallery under 10 Gul Sokak. There is no financial interest or gain for me, just nice neighbours I hope.
  9. Yalides

    Sunset over Gumuskaya

    Stunning sunset over Gumuskaya a few minutes ago. Have put some piccies in the gallery.
  10. luckycat68

    Hillside Gardens Gumuskaya

    Whilst driving to Gumusluk this afternoon I noticed that the sign for "" HILLSIDE GARDENS "" now reads ""HILLSIDE VIEW "" ------- I am curious as to why they have changed the name of this large complex ?? Come on SS please fill me in !
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Hillside Gardens, Gumuskaya

    Have any members bought with Artev at Hillside Gardens, Gumuskaya? I've toyed with posting this either on Gumusluk or Yalikavak for this thread, but put on Yalikavak, cos we spend most of our time down in Yalikavak. Just be interested, and of course nosey cos we have.
  12. B

    Dolmus Bodrum to Gumuskaya

    Hi all, Just a quick question. If I go out for a night in Bodrum will I be able to get a dolmus back to my villa in Gumuskaya, in the early hours of the morning :cheers: or will I have to get a taxi? Thanks, Martin
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