1. perfect1949

    gumusluk beach today next to gumsan

    great place to spend a few hours , there is everything that you need for a relaxing day at the beach . the ESPAVO restaurant is not the cheapest but worth a visit . dave and shirley
  2. D

    2 bed duplex, Gumsan 1, Gumusluk- for sale

    We have our gorgeous little holiday home up for sale, on the complex of Gumsan 1, Gumusluk. The house will be sold furnished. Please see our website for more info and pictures. The price is £56000. If anyone is in the area the week of May 14th...
  3. G

    Gumsan (gumusluk) banking information

    Hi İf any member of this forum are owners on either Gumsan 1 or Gumsan 2, it may be of assistance to you that Gumsan Management NO LONGER bank with Garanti Bank. There new ban information, is as follows :- IBAN NO : TR 88 0004 60107988 80000122 15 AKBANK YALIKAVAK NO 12215 Regards Gordie
  4. D

    property for sale in Gumusluk- Gumsan 1

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to sell our lovely little two bed duplex on the Gumsan 1 complex in the lovely village of Gumusluk. It has two bedrooms, one double and one with bunks, an upstairs shower room, downstairs utility room with WC, and a through lounge and kitchen. It...
  5. shazeroo

    Gum-San Restaurants & Bars

    We rarely eat out, but like to try the local places in GumSan each year and we recently had lunch at the restaurant at the swimming pool in Gum-San 2 which has been taken over this year by a local Turkish family - we had a selection of 4 different mezes and they were all excellent. The food is...
  6. C

    Can't thank you enough Gordie

    Hi Everyone My trip in late June was a great success although very emotional. Thanks to 'GORDIE' ( you'll find him on here ), I managed to complete all the necessary paperwork ( in various locations and with various levels of complication. Without his help and knowledge I doubt if the process...
  7. C

    Gumusluk Gumsan house for sale.

    Hello and thank you for reading this post. After an awful lot of soul searching and with deep regret I am offering my Turkish house for sale. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I am selling my 3 bedroom property near Gumusluk on the GumSan community. It is approx 15 years old and built in...
  8. G

    Where is your Gumsan 2 House ?

    Hello Again Chris On Gumsan 1 and 2, there are about 660 houses and the whole site is divided into small areas, which the Turks call 'islands' or Ada. There are MANY houses with the same house number ie 1- 30. So your house is number 20, but which 'Ada' ? As explained before, my house number is...
  9. C


    Hello everyone, Can I introduce myself. I am Chris, an owner of a property in the Gumusluk area. I have owned the house since 2003 but for one reason or another sadly have never lived in it ( long story ). I would love to know from fellow owners the 'good' and 'bad' points of living in the area...
  10. S

    gumsan problems

    By the looks of things a lot of money is owed by the old management and nowthe talk is that the new management is going to sell more land and increase site fees Would other people out there like to join me in finding out what is happening. As an individual they wont talk to me. But maby as a...
  11. D

    Gumsan 1 maintenance charge

    Hi there, is there anyone around who owns a property on Gumsan 1 complex in Gumusluk? My property management company have contacted me to tell me that the complex are after an extra 67.50YTL from each home owner for the repairing of a wall on the complex. Does anyone know of said wall, or has...
  12. L


    hı, we are stayıng ın gumsan 2 at the moment but have a few thıngs we need to speak to fellow resıdents about! who ıs there now and ıs ıt possıble to meet up wıth any of you? ıts just general stuff about water, etc!! please help!!
  13. T

    Dave and Pat (Gumsan)

    I cannot remember what forum it was where you PM'd me about taking keys over ............sorry, if you or anyone you know reads this can they please let them know that I have posted my address in a PM for them on the Gum san website and if they are still looking for someone to take the keys over...
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