1. S

    Power of attorney regarding parents flat in gumbet

    Hi I wonder if anyone has any experience with power of attorney in Turkey / UK. My parents brought a flat in Bitez and they want to leave it to my kids. My husband is Turkish so they were going to transfer deeds to him via selling it to him, as our kids are under 16. However my dad is now too...
  2. F

    Palm Gardens Gumbet

    8 of us staying at Palm Gardens 21st May,anyone stayed there recently ?
  3. Helenm150

    Rexene Resort Gumbet

    Does anyone have any knowledge of Rexene Resort Gumbet - recommendations or otherwise please? Many thanks, Helen :seenoevil
  4. K

    Look to rent long term in Gumbet

    Hi, My friend and I work in Gumbet and are looking to move out of the staff accommodation. We have came back to the UK for Christmas and we are finding it difficult to find properties to rent long term. We are look for a 2 bedroom apartment as central as possible. We would be looking to rent...
  5. M

    Holiday beachfront apartment for rent in Gümbet Bodrum

    I am renting my private owned 2 apartmens in gümbet! No Commission! The apartments are in a site with shared pool, restaurants and private beach. Apartments are located on the 2nd line from the seaside and both are middle floor apartments. Each apartment has 2 bedroomes with 2 single beds and...
  6. J

    Wanted: Furnished apartment in Gumbet, Bodrum

    Hello everyone I work for a uk travel company and I am moving to Bodrum next month. I am currently looking for accommodation for mid April until the end of October. Apartment has to be furnished, in gumbet really, however surrounding areas will be considered. I am very reliable and it's only...
  7. A

    Gumbet farmer's market

    Hello. Heard there was a farmer's market tomorrow in Gumbet. Told it was behind the Windmill but I thought that was all built up. Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance,Derek.
  8. F

    Tropicana Beach,Gumbet

    I have booked Tropicana Beach,Gumbet for 7 nights in May,there will be 6 of us,have been to Gumbet many times but first time at these Apartments,any info,Thanks:100pd:
  9. J

    good agent gumbet

    Never having had a high opinion of emlaks l was a little concerned when it came time to sell my gumbet home. I chose a firm called easy life. The service provided was excellent, I was kept informed of any promising viewings and they did manage to get plenty. When we did receive an acceptable...
  10. R

    Gumusluk to Gumbet

    Hi me and my partner are due to come on holiday on Monday the 19th to Gumusluk for the first time . Whilst we are predominatly coming for a relaxed holiday it is my birthday whilst out there and i have previously been to Gumbet and enjoyed a good night out there im just wondering how long it...
  11. keny

    restaurants in gumbet

    Does anyone have in formation on good quality/food resturants/bars with various English/Turkish food? Thanks if you can help?
  12. C

    Dentist in Gumbet/Bodrum

    Hi everyone I am trying ti fud a dentist in Gumbet/Bodrum/Bitez? Found one in Kusadassi but don't want to travel 3/4 times a week on my hols? Has anyone ever had or know anyone who has had work done here? Thanks :)
  13. djmagic

    Gumbet house clearance

    facebook page says it all.. hope some of you can make it before we return to the uk..
  14. J

    6 months rental wanted in Bodrum/Gumbet area

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I wondered if any could help! I'm looking for a place to rent for the whole summer - I did the same last year and got a beautiful 2 bedroom modern apartment in Bodrum marina for a really good price - however this apartment is now occupied on a full time basis...
  15. A

    get together in Gumbet

    We where in a furniture store and the they something about English people getting together for Sunday Lunch tomorrow in Gumbet does anyone know of this Cheers Andy
  16. mamish

    Turkish lessons in Gumbet

    Hi, I'm new here (living in Gumbet at the moment) and have been exploring possibilities for learning Turkish. Today I was at the local Turkish women's association which is supported by the municipality and was told that they are considering starting classes for foreign women at the end of...
  17. Gill

    how to get to Bombay Cottage Gumbet

    Can someone tell me exactly where The Bombay Cottage in Gumbet is. Thanks
  18. B

    turgutreis v gumbet

    Hi all ,two years ago we rented a villa in turgutreis whilst we were there the heat became unbearable .Without fail every restaurant and every bar bill we had whilst there was incorrect in their favour .We found the food was quite expensive in turgutreis .In contrast this year we stayed in...
  19. B

    gumbet dogs

    Hi all I know there are a lot of doggie lovers out there as ive followed many post on this subject .We are just back from Gumbet where there are lots of dogs roaming the beach ,for the most part they are placid but do like to burrow under your sunloungers for shade .But there where a couple of...
  20. kemerkid

    Gumbet to Bodrum airport.

    My friend is returning home next Saturday morning his check-in time is 5:30am. He was going to book his transfer through A 2 B. Could members comment on their relyability and competiveness in terms of cost from Gumbet.
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