1. mollag

    A snapshot of Gumusluk

    We moved to Gumusluk in 2006, we bought and renovated a semi villa on Adalar Denizi sitesi, an older site but as sitesi's go, not a bad un. There were 9 Yabanci owners then, mixed English / Euro. We decided to sell two years ago, the house going to a nice Dutch couple. Heard today they had sold...
  2. P

    September joke thread.

    Shortly after a British airways flight had reached it's cruising altitude,the captain announced----"ladies and gentlemen this is your captain welcome aboard flight 293 non stop from London heathrow to Toronto.The weather ahead is good so we should have a smooth un-eventful flight.So sit back...
  3. ceemac

    Singapore To Maintain Chewing Gum Ban

    The UK should really apply this ban too as our streets are disgusting with chewing gum spat out by an equally disgusting significant minority of people. We have shown that we cannot act responsibly with regards to the disposing of spent gum, so it should be banned, or perhaps make young...
  4. B

    Gum san 1, Gumusluk

    Gum san 1 and 2 Gumusluk This is for people with a house on Gum san 1 and 2 who are interested in the A.G.M. that was held in May. If you would like to PM me I can give you more info.
  5. B

    Gum san 1 Site, Gumusluk

    We would love to hear from anyone who has bought a place or who is staying in Gum san 1 complex. We bought a villa (July 05) and absolutely love it. Its a fantastic place and I cant wait to go back again. We are hoping to go out to live there in about 5 years.
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