1. E

    Question To buy apartment, horizon sky gulluk

    Good evening was wondering if anyone owns a property at horizon sky gulluk Thinking of buying but unsure
  2. S

    Long term rental wanted in gulluk ,

    Gulluk long term rental wanted ,3 to 6 months initially, not quite sure of dates yet hopefully may 2018 onwards possibly throughout winter as well.
  3. A

    Selling mortgaged property in Gulluk

    Hi, I am selling a property in Gulluk & have received an offer from a Turkish buyer that I accepted. The property is mortgaged. All seemed wonderful until it came to the payment stage. The agent then informed me that I had to clear the mortgage before we could proceed. Bit of a spanner in the...
  4. S

    Want to move to gulluk

    Hi any advice for some wanna be's ?
  5. S

    Gulluk lookin good

    Updated Info, Gulluk is certainly on the up the next place to hit I think. New road moving on but a few months away as we stand. Marina very nice and many luxury boats there. New Chinese Restaurant opened in the town had good reviews, told more to come. We really needed something extra there...
  6. G

    Road from the airport to Gulluk

    Does anyone know whether the new road from the airport to the village is finished yet. Also has anyone ever had spectacles made in Bodrum is so is the cost any cheaper than the UK Regards Gloria
  7. Mushroom

    Large apartment for rent 2017 in Gulluk

    Having sold our property last year in Gulluk, we are now renting a friend's apartment in 2017 for our breaks. She has asked that I mention it on this forum for any interested parties. The apartment is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1st floor apartment, overlooking the communal pool and to the bay of...
  8. S

    Gulluk Garanti English Speaking Bank Operative

    Does anyone have the e-mail address of a Gulluk Garanti customer representative that speaks good English. There used to be a brilliant, efficient lady called Asiye who dealt with all English enquiries but she seems to have left. Thanks. Sunseeker
  9. G

    Marina in Gulluk

    Does anyone know how the Marina is getting on
  10. J

    New Marina in Gulluk

    Hi, does anyone know how the new marina is coming along? We haven't been to our place in Beach Residence for a year and am curious to know how close to completion it is?
  11. B

    water registration gulluk

    Hello to you all.I originally registered re my water supply in April 2010 with the then water supplier TASK, I now believe AKFEN now are the water supplier.The question I am asking does anyone know if I have to re-register or do my details automatically get transferred.:15:
  12. Talkinman

    Beach Residence Gulluk Apartment for sale

    We are selling our apartment on this well established complex. I have pictures of the development and also some of the way the apartment would look completely empty. I would be happy to send them to anyone interested. Close by a new marina is under construction which makes this the ideal time...
  13. G

    Gulluk Marina

    Does anyone know how the Marina is coming along near Greenhills?
  14. O

    Gulluk Beaches 2014

    Hi there, We're a couple looking at renting an apart in Gulluk at the end of August, one of the questions we had was about the beaches and the specifically the water. I understand the beaches are man made a mixture of gravel and sand I guess but also when in the water is it stony? rocky...
  15. D

    Road to Sunset Apartments - Gulluk

    Hi has anybody got an update on the road situation up to the Sunset apartments ie has it got any worse or any better? We are planning a trip and just wondered Many thanks Dave
  16. Fran Dessop

    Beach Residence Gulluk - What's the area like?

    Hello there, me name is Fran and I'm coming to Gulluk this summer. I am hoping one of you lovely people could give me an idea of what's around the Beach Residence which is south of Gulluk. Are there nice beaches there? Any shops in that part of the world? Any photos would be fantastic. Thank you...
  17. Mushroom

    Sunset Apartment, Gulluk, For Sale

    We have owned Sunset Apartment I 7, which is about 2-3 miles outside Gulluk and above the Oba Sitesi for about 4 years. We have never used the place as we have another property nearby and my intentions to let my daughters take control of it for their holidays has not come to fruition as they...
  18. P

    2 bed apartment for sale Gulluk Beach Residence

    My apartment is up for sale on the Gulluk Beach Residence Complex. It is unfurnished and ground floor, 15 min walk to centre and 2 min by car. There will be a marina there next year. You can also see the details below, » Luxury bathroom » Pvc windows with insulating glass » Steel door »...
  19. C

    Long term rental wanted in Gulluk

    Hi, I live in Gulluk permanently and we are looking for a long term rental property in this area, for myself, husband and small dog, (cavalier type). If anyone knows of any available please contact me. Thanks in advance
  20. L

    Looking to buy small apartment in Gulluk

    Hi everyone I am interested in buying a small apartment (one, max two bedrooms) in Gulluk with good sea views and easy walk to restaurants/beach. Should anyone know about something for sale there please email me. Thanks :)
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