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    dog shelter gulluck Turkey facebook page

    Hi everyone I hope this is not against the rules, but i wanted to ask if people could please visit our new facebook page; dog shelter Gulluk Turkey We are trying to get the message out and if people could visit and pass the word to other or offer advice, help, etc that would be really...
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    Possible move to Gulluck

    Hi, Currently own in gulluck but have only holidayed...(not sure if that is even a word?) in the past..however times change and life moves on. Really quite fancy semi retiring but can't do nothing all the do you fill the days? let me know... Regards Neal
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    Sunsetbay Gulluck

    We have just returned from Turkey and had a wonderful week. Our apartment has the views as promised. We had been told there would be a 5 star plus hotel. The beach is small but enjoyable and the hotel staff supply towels on request. The hotel is first class and will be a great asset to the area...
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    Sunset Bay Gulluck snagging

    We snagged 2 apartments at Sunset Bay Gulluk last Friday if anyone would like some general photos of the site. Lynne
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    Villa for sale Gundogan & ODEK apartment Gulluck

    Two years ago we purchased two properties, one in Gulluck at the Beach Residence, which is an ODEK development, the other at Sunrise in Gundogan, which was built by Tunali. They are both lovely properties and were intended to fund our retirement (still a few years away!!). Unfortunately since...
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