1. S

    One week Gulet out of Bodrum

    Good evening we are very excited as we are on countdown for a week’s cruising out of Bodrum departing September the 8th. We were a group of 7 but unfortunately the other family travelling with us have had to cancel due to sudden illness. It is really sad as they had been looking forward to...
  2. K

    gulet cruise

    has anyone done a gulet cruise while out there we asked at several boats in Bodrum last year and it seems you have to rent the whole boat we just want a cabin on a trip but on a decent boat.
  3. V


    Hi, Does anyone know of any Gulet trips you can join for 3 or 4 days, everyone I seem to find only does them for 7, as this would be the first time we have done it we feel that may be a bit long especially as we will be joining people we have never met, we are looking for something going towards...
  4. M

    Gulet Hire

    Just wondering if anyone had any info regards hiring a Gulet from Akbuk area just for a couple of days ?
  5. jaimie

    And boats!!! Gulet cruise info?

    Hi Everyone, hope your all having a good day! Just wondering if anyone on here knows of a good reputable company that does Gulet cruises. It's my 50th in May, so would like to cruise from Alanya to Akbuk one way as a way of celebration (or is that commiseration?) Did ask for a quote from...
  6. lilacdiana

    Gulet Cruise

    Next year for our holiday I fancy doing one week on a Gulet from Bodrum and one week in a villa. Can sort the villa accommodation but was wondering if any one out there had beeen on a Gulet cruise before and could recommend either a company to use or has a phone number I could try? Not looking...
  7. mrkeith

    Fethiye Gulet fire

    A fire swept through a gulet leaving one person missing: BBC News - Fears for tourist as flames engulf Turkish boat
  8. J

    Gulet holiday

    Anyone interested in a two week holiday on the gulet Prenses Lila? We have chartered Prenses Lila for two weeks from 5th June starting and finishing in Gocek, and sailing west. There are eight of us at the moment (all in the slightly more mature age group!) and we are looking for another six...
  9. K

    Gulet Cruises sailing from Tuzla

    Hi Everyone, My friends have just bought a gulet boat and it's moored in Bogazici. The Captain is Murat a Turkish man and his partner is Tony an English lady. If you need any details about trips etc please contact me. K'la
  10. I

    Gulet / yacht cruise private charter

    Hi Can anyone recommend either a private gulet cruise or yacht cruise company based in Bodrum area for approx a 4 day charter (not a full week) at the end of August ? The boat is for a private charter for 6 people, so nothing massive, ie 40 - 50ft. Cruising area Gogova or Datca Although I...
  11. V

    Bodrum Gulet brilliant review

    Todays Mail Online has a brilliant review on a Bodrum gulet trip. It was only spoiled apparently by the reviewer paying £60 for extra legroom seats behind the bulkhead toilets! Turkey's Aegean Riviera: Soaking up Bodrum on a traditional gulet | Mail Online
  12. Y

    Gulet Hire

    Hi all can anyone recommend who we should visit in Yalikavak harbour for a day gulet rental. We would like to explore some of the quieter beaches / bays around the Bodrum peninsula and are therefore looking for someone who will take us to where we would like to go rather than them doing their...
  13. bob75

    Gulet charters

    Hello again, this forum is very moorish!! :) I was just wondering if anyone knows of a company that does relatively cheap one day private gulet hires. We've had a really good quote already, but it doesnt hurt to keep your options open!! Any info or advice would be a great help. Hope you've...
  14. Z

    Datca transfers & gulet

    Hi all If anyone is in need of good, safe, reliable (all year round) transfers between Dalaman and Datca please contact me. Quite a few people regularly travel to Datca now and we are happy to liaise with you to enable you to share transfers (if possible) to reduce cost. Door to door can be a...
  15. D

    Gulet Cruises

    My wife and I fancy taking a Gulet cruise in september this year mid way through our holiday period. Having briefly read about them, there are a couple of questions we need answers to. Firstly... Who are the best companies who do them ? Do any of them leave from Fethiye, as well as...
  16. B

    Gulet Cruise

    Am interested in Gulet cruise butfor 3/4 days not the 7/14 days offered by most operators. If any of you folks can recommend anybody i would be much abliged.
  17. A

    Gulet Charter

    Hi I am a life/business Coach and I have set up a company that delivers retreats. I would like to offer 7 day retreats on a gulet and would like to know if anyone has information on Charter companies in the Fethiye area, most seem to be in Bodrum or Marmaris. I would be looking at a large gulet...
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