1. C

    In need of a guitar

    One of the hopes for my time here is to reconnect with music. Budget is tight so does anyone have a guitar they'd be happy to lend, give away ,sell cheaply? :)
  2. L

    guitar wanted

    Hi guys, I have a holiday apartment in Gumusluk. I am trying to learn to play the guitar. I was hoping that somebody on the Bodrum peninsula may have an acoustic guitar for sale. I can then continue to practice whilst I am in Turkey. I am coming over in April. Best wishes
  3. Number6

    The Greatest Guitar Riffs?

    So which one would get your vote? BBC - Radio 2 - Playlist The results will be counted down on Bank Holiday Monday...
  4. mollag

    For classical guitar fans

    A great video of playing with passion, I love it.
  5. L

    where to rent or buy a guitar in Bodrum?

    Neighbour/owner staying for a week wants a guitar ! Will buy or rent(? )His idea) Please dont suggest BIM supermarket (guitars on sale this week@50 lira) as he wants a good one. In uk he has emongst others a1960 Gibson dont think BIM will be much good for him ! He is a great guitarist...
  6. ted j

    Angry guitar player

  7. R

    Where can i buy a guitar

    We arrive yummy Yalikavak Sept 26 via Istanbul .Freddy wants to bring his guitar but excess baggage fees are prohibitive for total of 4 air journeys there and back. Does anyone know where we can be one at reasonable price? Or anyone got one to sell? He would be the first to admit he only...
  8. giglets

    Wanted - Electric Guitar and Amp

    Looking to buy an Electric Guitar and Amp. Must be in good condition. Will travel (reasonable distance) to uplift, but preferably in Fethiye area.
  9. altinkum kev

    Classical guitar concert

    For those who have an interest in Classical guitar music a concert will be held and entrance is free at ”Nurullah Kocabıyık Cultural Center”on Saturday 25,Feb 2012 at 7pm This is located between the hospital and Ataturk boulevard.
  10. Frank&Mary

    Wanted - Acoustic guitar

    Is there anyone on the Bodrum penisula who has an acoustic guitar lying around that they no longer have a use for? We are coming over next week for an 8 week stay at our apartment (Gumuskaya) and will not have enough luggage allowance to bring my own guitar over. Please pm me if you have one to...
  11. C

    guitar lessons ?

    does anyone know of someone who will give accoustic guitar lessons ? can be English or Turkish teacher . My 12 year old bilingual son would like to learn & anything that gets him away from the pc & playstation & gives him a hobby he has to learn & work at would be very good for him. Cheers
  12. Briand

    Learning Guitar

    Any guitar players who wants it improve their level of playing from beginner to advance, just download the gom player it plays all formats of videos ( flv AVI mp4 and many more just load your video into the player ) some of the features on the player you can slow down and repeat videos for...
  13. barry budd

    my guitar gently weep's on a eukelele

    【河马发布】最近在YouTube超火的小å*©ukulele系列6 - 视频 - 优酷视频 - 在线观看 chinese utube
  14. So

    Guitar lessons - Didim/Altinkum

    Hello people! It's winter....I'm bored...bought a guitar 3 years back...strings have rusted...would really like to learn how to play that thing :smile::smile: (as I also don't know how to replace the rusted strings!) Is there anybody in Altinkum as bored as I am that would like to teach me how...
  15. Harem

    Classical Guitar

    My husband wants to sell his Classical Guitar. It is a Rodrigo, made in Spain. It's beautiful matt finish is as new and it comes with spare strings and a hard case. He is asking £200 (or the equivalant in TL) for it and he has it here in Fethiye, Turkey.
  16. PASH

    You Broke My Guitar!

    A Canadian country western singer who flew United Airlines and watched in horror as they broke his guitar while throwing it on the tarmac. Its had over 3,000,000. hits so far and the share price of United Airlines has plunged 180 points - Power of the web! YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
  17. IanJones

    Guitar Player wanted

    Hi everyone I will have some friends with me when I return to Gumbet in a few weeks and they both have Birthdays whilst there. I was thinking of arranging a little party for them (sshhh, its a suprise) and thought it would be nice to have a singer with a guitar. I saw a guy in the Golden Plate...
  18. Harem

    Classical Guitar

    My husband wants to sell his Classical Guitar. It is a Rodrigo, made in Spain. A professional model and comes with a plush hard case. It is in as new condition, has a wonderful tone and would suit a good player. He is asking 700 YTL for it. In the Fethiye area, but could no doubt Kargo it...
  19. Martyn

    This lad can play guitar

    For those getting youtube
  20. SuperBogs

    Ovation Guitar For Sale

    I am considering selling my almost new Ovation Legend 1777 Guitar. It's about 2.5 years old now. I have a Yamaha LD-10E as well as a 1970 Martin D-28. I also have a cheaper Yamaha here in Turkey with my Ovation so I don't need it really. I need to learn what's it's worth here, any suggestions as...
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