1. djbaxter

    Having trouble navigating or using this site? Need a new How-To Guide?

    If there's a how-to guide not yet posted that you think would be helpful for you personally or for the members of this forum generally, please post your suggestion below in this thread.
  2. bickern

    Brexit Guide

    Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU. What does Brexit mean? It is a word that is used as a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU - merging the words Britain and exit to get Brexit, in the same way as a possible Greek exit from the euro was dubbed Grexit in the past...
  3. immac

    UK Gov. Bereavement Guide

    UK Government sending out guidelines to help you deal with practical arrangements following the death of a British national in Turkey...
  4. F

    A Side guide
  5. W

    Idiots guide wanted

    I have decided that I'm putting my house on the market here in the UK and plan to move to turkey early next year to retire at the grand old age of 50. Can anyone either help me or suggest someone who's serviced I can employ to take me through step by step what I need to do. I have been...
  6. mollag

    A Scouse holiday guide map

  7. suzyq

    Internet troll guide

    Not sure if this has been posted before Internet Trolls
  8. T

    London Cyclists hit 25% of guide dogs

    What a shame that dogs trained as guide dogs to assist people are being hit by cyclists. London Cyclists 'Hit 25% Of Guide Dogs,' Charity Warns
  9. Yalides

    Jihad Television Guide

    6.00: G-Had TV. Morning prayers. 8.30: Talitubbies. Talitubbies say "Eh-oh". Dipsy and Tinky-Winky repair a Stinger missile launcher. 9.00: Shouts of Praise. More prayers. 10.00: The Apprentice. Ten young Muslims complete a variety of tasks each week - one of them will be recruited by...
  10. SLEEPY

    Idiots guide to turkey

    Detailed below is a yabancies guide to the current goings on in Turkey. On Dec. 17, 2013, on orders from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) (1), the London Metropolitan Police moved to arrest almost 50 suspects, including the son of Theresa May, the son of Danny Alexander, Royal Bank of...
  11. mollag

    The British Isles, a guide

    This vid explains it all, sort of! The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained - YouTube
  12. SLEEPY

    Christmas pub guide

    I recently opened a thread on Freaky Friday and part of this seasonal horror is due to amateurs.It’s that festive time of year when decent, honest boozers are plagued by non-drinkers. And not real non-drinkers, not people who don’t ever drink, they’re fine. We’re talking about people who don’t...
  13. G

    A guide to showering

    HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN: Take off clothing and place it carefully in laundry hamper according to 'lights' and 'darks'. Walk to bathroom wearing long robe. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror and make mental note to do more...
  14. beyazbayan

    How to Buy Property in Turkey a UK Gov Guide
  15. I

    Beginner's Guide

    Hi community, as new member want to ask about local services and contacts, in Tuzla area. hope it will be useful info for some other new people from Tuzla. Drinking water delivery telephone - ? Have new Migros remote order and delivery service and telephone ? Where to see local buses schedule...
  16. S

    Competition - Guide to Bodrum

    I've just entered a competition with a guide to Bodrum with a historical slant. If any members are interested they can click on the link below to read it. If you enjoy it (or don't) I'd be grateful for your comments below the article. Bodrum?s top 8 famous residents help you plan your visit...
  17. S

    Dummys guide to wine

    I have tasted wine about twice in my miserable 49 years on this god forsaken planet. A misguided but well meaning aquaintance has given me a voucher for 50 quid for wine. Some of you I would imagine are expert winos so give me an idea of something that would be palatible to a total novice
  18. skydog

    Yahoo Guide For Men

    On How to Understand Women: The number one rule in understanding women is; Women do not understand themselves. That's it. End. Women have no idea what they want. No idea why they do the things they do. No clue. Not a one. The sooner the young men realize this, the sooner we can all get on...
  19. J

    Extra Flight Charges - A Guide

    Came across this recently - it's published by the CAA and makes for interesting reading. Comparing Airline Charges JF
  20. Firebrand

    Online city guide to Istanbul

    This is on the Guardian's website: Istanbul city guide | Travel | If you scroll down the page it also has other Istanbul related info - films, music, football, etc.
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