1. G

    Cost of registering apartment guests in Alanya

    Hi TLF-ers We have an apartment in Alanya which we use ourselves several times a year. We do not rent out our apartment to anyone (though a couple of friends have in the past come to stay with us whilst we’re there). We do not wish to put our apartment out for short term (or long term)...
  2. G

    Cost of using a company to register guests

    Moved to Alanya forum
  3. suzyq

    Russians pretending to be guests

    They won't be happy that a photograph of then is in the paper Three Russian tourists were caught after pretending to be guests at a four-star hotel in the southern Turkish resort province of Antalya on July 5. The tourists, identified only as 42-year-old Andrei V., 37-year-old Yulia F., and...
  4. M


    At this early time on Christmas morning, I see that there are 88 guests currently viewing on the site. No members except me. All in bed I expect waiting for Santa! I was just wondering why there are so many guest viewers. Why don't these people become members and then join in the...
  5. N

    The damage by guests

    hi just want to share this we had last minute booking in September for 10 days for 5 adults .after 4 days of their stay when cleaners went for midweek clean they noticed a cut on leather arm of the looks it was done by a sharp object like knife.when we asked the guests they totally...
  6. B

    Four Properties on same sitesi needed to rent to Turkish guests from 1st to 31st July

    If any one can help please 'pm me' with the Sitesi name and the nett price you want to receive (e.g. cleaning and laundry and air con charges included in the nett price), but only if you (or you and your friends) can put together 4 properties on the same site with the requested availability...
  7. S

    More Uzumlu Guests

    Great to welcome and have a beer with more TLFers here in our wee village. Pleasure to meet you and guests again McD and maybe next time you can call up on a less busy day!!!!!

    guests vs members

    ive happen to notice of late that there is far far more guest s viewing than members ! So this is a message for the guests , join us , we don;t bite , window shopping is fine, but hey if you've got this far , come on in and have some fun eve xx:kiss:
  9. E

    Need space for overflow of guests

    I have a problem, too many people coming to my house in July. Does anyone want to rent out apt/rooms/villa last 2 weeks July? I have a French family of 15 coming and I can only take 10! MUST be close to old Gokcebel village. proper rent, of course. Thank you in advance.
  10. perfect1949

    TLF guests

    i was looking at who was on line before ,and there was 43 guest,s on line . so come on you guest,s join up , and give your viwe,s and opinions the more the merrier. dave
  11. K

    Rental Guests show passports to Jandarma?

    Hi, I am confused what to do, can anyone advise please. Last year all owners on our villa site were told that if they have anyone staying at their villa, family and friends or paying guests, they would need to produce their passports to the local Jandarma stating who they were and how long they...
  12. D

    Insuring your guests

    For those of you who rent out your properties, is it considered necessary for the owner to insure the people who rent the property from you? They will have their own holiday insurance arrangements in place.
  13. P

    Registering Rental Guests

    a hypothetical question if I owned an apartment and rented it out would there be a need for the guests to register their details (eg passport etc) and to whom would those details be sent If I used a rental management company would they be able to do it for me? If I employed a local property...
  14. S

    Dress code for wedding guests

    Help - I am going to a Turkish wedding soon in Izmir but can't find out what the dress code is for women. The wedding isn't a strict Muslim one so are there any rules about the lenght of dresses (i.e. do they need to be below the knee) that I need to know???
  15. maggie

    guests on line

    Do you all realize at this particular time its says there are 149 guests logging on to TLF. If they all joined up it would certainly swell the ranks wudnt it!!!!!!! Maybe we dont need to promote TLFat all word is getting round about this jolly forum. hugs maggie xxxxx
  16. J

    UK guests marrying in Turkey?

    Hi I'm hoping someone here will be able to help... We've potentially got some guests for our villa in Kalkan who also want to get married whilst they are here. This is very flattering for us that they obviously like the villa but what are the rules & can they in fact arrange a marriage with...
  17. L

    Guests on line

    When viewing the "Who's online" there seems to be quite alot of "Guests" this could be members who haven't signed in or as it suggests Guests who may not of signed up, What i am saying is if you are a guest who has not signed up yet, why not do it now and share your thoughts of Turkey and the forum?
  18. R

    Guests need managing too!

    We are a management company in Kusadasi and we act as agents in Turkey, for our clients rental property, We provide transfers to and from Izmir and Bodrum to Kusadasi. If they have never been to this area we give them a local brief on sites and sounds, and translations if required. In addition...
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