1. bal canavar

    Surprise Guest on LIVE TV

    This TV presenter had a surprise guest during a live tv , but handled it well even including some sound advice, he told viewers " with winter round the corner they should remember to feed stray animals and keep their doors open as the cold weather arrives" . And the good news it was adopted by...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Guest House / Hotel Recommendation?

    Will be staying one night (Monday 5th) in Marmaris - can anyone recommend any accommodation close to the British Consulate as we have an early appointment there? Don't need a pool or even a view, just somewhere comfortable with parking within walking distance of the consulate. Thanks
  3. christella

    Who would you like as a guest for xmas dinner

    If you could choose anybody to join you for xmas day Who would you choose Me it's got to be Ray Winston my hero
  4. SonnyJim

    Pool Guest

    Some of you may have been keeping track of my swimming pool diary. Thinking of inviting one of the above to be at our new pool party??!!
  5. Mushtaq

    Turkey to hire native English speakers as guest teachers

    The Ministry of Education will bring in native English-speaking teachers to work with teachers in English language classes across Turkey. The Ministry of Education will bring in native English-speaking teachers to work with teachers in English language classes across Turkey starting from the...
  6. S

    and my next guest is.....

    For the second time in a matter of weeks I am meeting a TLFer for the first time Meet up is in Uzumlu so no long trek to get lost on Unfair to name them at this stage but if hes/shes a total plonker I will name and shame
  7. perfect1949

    TLF guests

    i was looking at who was on line before ,and there was 43 guest,s on line . so come on you guest,s join up , and give your viwe,s and opinions the more the merrier. dave
  8. T

    Misguided people - ORANGE GUEST HOUSE

    ORANGE GUEST HOUSE....... hya i joined this forum a while ago but up to now havent posted id just like to send this message to one of the members who ever you are! there has been a private annonamous email sent to someone who was enquiring about my guest house which states that there were...
  9. ceemac

    Female Guest Slapped On Live TV

    Anyone know this programme? Or the tosser that hit the woman? He should be arrested for assault. - Slap in the live TV show C
  10. Chudleigh

    The leap from Guest to Member

    Hello everyone! Like many others before me, I have been loitering around the Forum, viewing with interest, amusement and bemusement. The recent 'male totty' thread has given some laughs. So, having registered today, I thought I would keep within etiquette and introduce...
  11. D

    cheap guest house in Beiktas????

    Does anyone kno wany cheap guest houses in Beiktas?
  12. Lillylilly

    Sinatra Tribute, Guest and Disco at CKT'S

    Just to let everyone know that last Thursday's Northern Soul Night was a great success and Kev is following it up with a Frankie Tribute, Guest and Disco Dance Night. All our old favourite dance along music. Starting around 9.30pm At CKTs end of second beach. Hope to see you there on SATURDAY...
  13. geoffreys

    Use of villa as guest house ( very small!!)

    Hi All! My partner Anne & I are buying a villa in Yalikavak. Anne has always wanted to run a B&B and we thought we might run a small B&B ( one bedroom free), possibly helping new property seekers, working with local estate agents, giving temporary accommodation, advice & help, or divers ( I...
  14. L

    Guest maps

    After looking on the net to find unique features i could add to my web site i came across this site which has a few features which are designed for forums such as the "GUEST MAP" which allows members to add a pointer to where they are on the Map of Turkey, i have seen...
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