1. bickern

    Guess which one Labour suspended?

    Guess which one Labour suspended? One devoted his life to fighting racism and led UK's race watchdog - the other is accused of anti-Semitism and called terrorists his friends: GUY ADAMS compares Trevor Phillips' and Jeremy Corbyn's records Labour has suspended the former head of Britain's...
  2. Jaycey

    Can we guess your political allegiances ?

    Can we guess your political allegiances with three simple questions?
  3. beyazbayan

    Guess what this smells like.

    New perfume on the market in Turkey called Parlement - Must smell like b....l s...t İ suspect.
  4. S

    Have a guess

    7 night Med cruise on a beautiful massive ship on AI basis in Jan Have a guess how much
  5. C

    guess the player

    can you guess who the player is? before he was a footballer he was a coal miner he has smoked for most of his life he served with the royal horse guards he likes fishing and catching rabbits most people think not only was he the second best footballer from...
  6. M

    Guess What?

    We just went out to get in the car to go to the doctor's for flu jabs. What do we find? Some nice local person has slashed three of our tyres overnight! I am losing the will to live! Maisie
  7. ted j

    Guess which one I am

    Joined friends reunited and found a couple of old friends on there Also found my old class photo (the original copy I had was destroyed in a fire many years ago) Weirdly enough, I can remember nearly all my old classmates names But can you guess which one is me? (Please no cheating from...
  8. pineapple1

    Guess My Name !!!!!

    Hello everyone . I'm mummys very tiny Shih Tzu I'm 4 weeks old . mummy says if you can guess my name she will make a donation to Millieloves appeal for Syrian Children . My brother and 2 sisters died . But my big bruv is ok . I'm going to live in Essex end of august with a new mumy named...
  9. R

    guess what i have done 2

    sorry dave i could not resist but i cant wait to tell you what i have done so ill have to tell you now i have bought today christmas puddings des and di if you se this i have got yours and yesterday a advent calender and mince pies i know i am very sad regards raine
  10. perfect1949

    guess what i have done

    just for a bit of fun guess what i have done , you have got untill tomorrow to post your answers . dave
  11. pineapple1

    Guess what i've Got !!!!!

    To lighten up our evening Guess what i got today !!!! Clues ...its not made of bricks , Its not got an Engine , Its what i've wanted for a long time , And its going to make me very happy , But it will need maintinance , .....Answer at 10pm ...Oh and part of it is GOLD .....Diane
  12. carolk

    Guess what I've got?

    On my coffee table!!! :3:
  13. peter the postie

    Guess who's back... Mindy's back......

    Well I took Denise to meet Mindy today & as you can see it was love at first sight:) Here's some updated pics and a couple of short video's :) [/ame]"]
  14. pineapple1

    You'll Never Guess ??????

    Well i thought we'd have a few hours of fun ...So you'll never never guess what i'm doing starting on saturday morning , 2 things ...heres a clue ..Every night i must take my pill , and once a month i hope i get results ??????? Guess .....and i need you all to help out ............Diane...

    You'll never guess

    It's me again!!!! You'll never guess what i am able to do!!!! Son in law's surprise 40th last friday, got my new wee camera on the go, it's got that video thing in it as well. Got up saturday morning and down loaded the pictures on to the computer. Thought to myself hmmmm wonder how you can make...
  16. peter the postie

    Guess the function

    Just out of curiosity lets see if anyone gets this right. A few weeks back I dj'd a function. Below are the songs that I played for most of the evening. I'd say that around 85% of the tracks I played were actually chosen beforehand by the customer when we discussed the function. 5 Points for...
  17. ceemac

    Guess Who The Most Obnoxious Tourists Are?

    Now, if you'd asked me who I thought the most obnoxious tourists were, it'd probably be a toss-up between the Brits and the Yanks - at least, that's been my experience anyway, and I don't mean to offend anyone (which is impossible here) :biggrin: But lo and behold, apparently it's the French...
  18. v6cod

    Guess what this is?

    Guess what this? IT'S A NEW PRISON IN THE UK!!! Prison vs Work Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this should make things a little bit clearer. @ PRISON You spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell @ WORK You spend the majority of your time in a...
  19. wiuru

    Living in the Sun ...Guess Who??????

    Finally got back on our Forum!!! Wheyhey and for all yous newbies we think this is the best Forum ever we found it last year and it was really really helpfull for everything we needed to know on our run up to coming over here in May. Martyn and i have had a fantastic time we have made loads...
  20. R

    guess what? another newbie

    hi all found this site after enjoying my holiday in hisaronu and i enjoyed it so much i bought the country er.. a two bedroom apartment offplan in the centre of hisaronu :lol:
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