1. bickern

    Sex assault on male Windsor Castle guard

    'Drunk' female trooper in 3am sex assault on male Windsor Castle guard is let off with a reprimand 'because she's a woman' Drunk female soldier was seen rubbing herself and trying to kiss off-duty guard Male troopers were outraged that Corrie-Alice Holmes only received a warning...
  2. bickern

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William on RAF duty are destroyed

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William as he worked for the RAF have been destroyed within days of his final shift. Brus, a Belgian shepherd, and Blade, a German shepherd, were put down after the prince left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales. The dogs were destroyed on...
  3. Briand

    Be on your GUARD.

    A word of WARNING watch out for these three women who entered our Apartment block around 4 o'clock today which the front door was locked. They turned the electric off to the building and luckily our next door neighbor heard some one at his door and challenged them he thought they was trying to...
  4. Squeaky

    CHP’s old guard dies hard

    Good morning: As this is a forum for those interested in Turkey, I think it is only fair that we note issues concerning the future of Turkey including Turkish politics and not only anti-government issues. One of the complaints of many is the lack of an effective opposition to the ruling AK...
  5. suzyq

    The prison guard that's always on duty and can't be bribed

    Inmates planning to escape from jail in South Korea will soon have to overcome more than prison bars, high walls and watchtowers. For one high-security facility is to be given a new weapon in the war on crime - robot prison guards that can detect suspicious behaviour among inmates. Three of...
  6. altinkum kev

    Coast guard sunk

    Today they sank an old coast guard ship just off Didim it is hopped it may attract more divers to the area and that the artificial reef will be home for many fish etc,it was also placed strategically where it would snag illegal fishing nets. I do hope they have placed a marker buoy on it dont...
  7. peterbryant

    Dog Guard for Sale

    Saunders W95 universal dog guard for sale brand new in box. Cost £74.00 sell for £35.00 ono. Call 2526167624 Ovacik
  8. Briand

    Be on your Guard

    A neighbor of mine ask if we was going to watch the royal wedding on Friday and pointed out that a lot of Holiday maker and expats would be going to one of the many bars etc that are celebrating the wedding on the day. She also pointed out that most would be out all day leaving your property...
  9. pineapple1

    Police Guard Rare Flower

    This is a really really pretty flower , But why tell everyone where it is Such a shame its become so rare .............Diane .. Police guard rare flower - Yahoo! News UK
  10. N

    Dog Guard

    Hi there, if you are a dog owner like ourselves and are struggling to find a dog guard (they don't seem to have them anywhere in Fethiye), we came up with the idea of getting one made. Anyway we went to one of the iron works in Ciftlik, explained to him what we were looking for, went back the...
  11. L

    Bodrum damp guard.

    Anyone used this company.
  12. martin m

    cctv verses security guard

    Hi all Just back from a fortnight in Altinkum,and yes we had a great time, and never saw a cloud for two weeks, The only blot on the horizon was a debate over security, because when we where out in May they (oracle) installed cctv cameras on our complex, with the tv,s that monitored them placed...
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