1. IbrahimAbi

    Growing your own

    Does not have to be in Turkey. this thread is for member to share and discuss what they are growing in their gardens or allotments, share successes and failures. Hopefully we are never too old to learn I have to admit I am a reluctant gardener, the missus is the real star behind our produce, but...
  2. Tenpin

    OK' hand gesture added to growing list of hate symbols for white supremacy

    The “OK” hand gesture is among the 36 new entries added Thursday to a database of hate symbols used by white supremacists and other far-right extremists. The New York City-based organization launched the database in 2000 to help law enforcement officers, school officials and others recognize...
  3. Tenpin

    Humans Are Growing Weird, Bone Spikes on Their Skulls

    Apparently smartphones may be culprit.
  4. teosgirl

    Growing intolerance in Turkey

    Journalists association report warns of rising intolerance in Turkey - LOCAL Turkey arrests 3 in raids over Erdo?an Twitter insults - LOCAL 67 people arrested in the first 2 months of this year. Imagine living in a country where you can be arrested and detained, facing 3-5 years in prison...
  5. juco

    Sweden's Handelsbanken - the publicity-shy bank with a growing empire

    Anyone used this bank. It sounds interesting and I quite like the philosophy behind it. I dont know the interest rates but if similar to UK banks I think I would shift my cash over to them just to P.. off the uk banks as I despise everything about them. Link.... Sweden's Handelsbanken - the...
  6. immac

    Balcony Tomato Growing

    I need some local (Turkish) knowledge on growing toms on the balcony. Are there local varieties better than others? When will I see the young plants on sale in the markets? Are there Turkish fertilizers made for purpose? Any other local info will be welcomed. I have grown them in UK many years...
  7. shirleyanntr

    growing phobia against Christianity

    we hear a lot about İslamaphobia in the West...but what about the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries which is on the rise. Most decent people in the uk readily and rightly denounce discrimination against Muslims ..yet there is no reciprocity in Muslim countries. Last week a during...
  8. northpole

    Growing Strawberries

    The way l grew strawberries was by using a large tub with large holes at the side. 1/Find a suitable weatherproof tub about 24 inches in diameter and place it in the chosen spot.The ideal spot would be facing SOUTH,SE,SW.Drill out 7 drainage holes at the bottom of the tub and one in the...
  9. northpole

    Growing Early Potatoes

    lt’s almost that time of year to get the garden ready for homegrown fruit and vegetables.And one of the favourite vegetables to grow is the spud.A lovely wholesome vegetable with many varieties on how to create dishes.And to think it was all achieved by the tender nurturing from the hands of the...
  10. T

    Turkish economy growing quickly!!

    June 30, 2011 1:20 pm Turkish growth soars 11% By Delphine Strauss in London Turkey has outpaced China with first quarter annualised economic growth of 11 per cent – but its red-hot economy is proving more of a headache for policymakers than a cause of celebration. Thursday’s data, showing...
  11. Mushtaq

    UK: Risk of dogs carrying disease is growing

    A breed of bloodsucking tick normally found in continental Europe has been discovered in the UK for the first time. Researchers from the University of Bristol also found that the number of dogs infested with all species of parasites was far higher than previously thought. They raised fears that...
  12. bobthenob

    Growing Jersey Royals

    Can you oldens think way back in the 60’s when the Jersey Royals were so easily bought in the shops.And l am not talkin’ about the Jerseys you see in todays superstore.”uuh” “uuh,no sir ree.l am talkin’ about the real original Jerseys that tasted so sweet with that lovely waxy texture which...
  13. SAMIMI

    What are your thoughts on growing old?

    We have just left another year behind us, 2010. We will never see it again. With each decade passing by, our year of birth gets further and further away. "I'm being honest here telling you how I feel, If you are prone to depression, don't read any more of this post as it will definitely...
  14. bobthenob

    Corruption Still Growing

    After reading up on all the scams in property here in Turkey and still getting away with it,reminds me of a protest that took place on the opening of the new Marina in Altinkum.There were a group of people there waiting for the Prime Minister to explain why nothing was being done to protect the...
  15. culturevulture

    Turks growing unease over Nuclear plant.

    While Turkey is getting closer to realizing its first nuclear power plant, to be constructed by the Russian state-controlled Atomstroyexport JSC in Turkey’s southern province of Mersin, Turkish public opinion seems to be growing uneasy concerning the level of technology the Russians have to...
  16. Lemonhead

    Istanbul's Growing Art Culture

    Read the second article and judge if it's something you are really comfortable with. Istanbul’s New Wine Bars Art Walk Turns into Street Fight
  17. bobthenob

    Growing Pineapples

    Ever thought of growing a pineapple indoors. Pineapples are quite easy to grow in most climate.Hard to believe,but it is true if you follow the right is a member of the bromeliad plant which means it gets it nourishment from the atmosphere and has a very shallow root system.So...
  18. rosewall1

    growing veg in Turkey experiment

    I tried to grow some runner beans and broad beans earlier in the year and whilst they grew the harvest was nil mainly because it was june before I planted them so now I am experimenting with them. My gardening books tell me that runner beans could take 90 days to harvest time so I have now...
  19. ceemac

    Earthquakes Not Growing, Just Populations

    Experts say the earthquakes that shook Haiti, then Chile and Turkey are not a problem of what is happening under the ground, but above it. Scientists say that more people are moving into megacities that happen to be built on fault lines, and they are building substandard structures that...
  20. ceemac

    Istanbul - Europe's Fastest Growing City

    Buying an apartment overlooking a motorway five miles from Istanbul airport is not the stuff of holiday home dreams. Seaside resorts on the Aegean and southern coasts around Marmaris, Altinkum and Bodrum would be better for that. But it might well make a good deal more money. Here C
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