1. B

    Turkey's instability will grow

    Interesting - Turkey's instability will grow: Pro | Watch the video - Yahoo Finance
  2. Firefox

    Uk Lesbians Grow

    The population of UK Lesbians is at a recored high, Uk now boasts the biggest population in any other country. Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines Does this mean there are less able Men to have Sex with women here as God originally intended?
  3. giglets

    Best Country To Grow Old

    Britain ranks no. 13 - Turkey no.70 Global rankings table | Data | Global Agewatch Index
  4. kemerkid

    Men who do not grow up create their toys

    " MEN WHO DO NOT GROW UP CREATE THEIR TOYS " This is the most amazing feat I have ever seen.. This is a MUST SEE.. For those who can’t speak German, just watch in awe... In the first place, leave it to men to do something this crazy. All set up in front of a cathedral...
  5. Mojive

    When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)

    I was just wondering if and when we truly grow up,oh yes, I like to think at some point most fly the nest, earn a living,provide a roof for there own heads, maybe start a family and so on and so forth being responsible for ourselves and maybe a family,Grown up. But my question is.....That...
  6. J

    Grass seeds won't grow!

    Hi there, we have a problem with a patch of our grass. Last summer a neighbour's female dog peed on it incessantly and the grass died. A couple of months back we bought some grass seed and it has worked in other parts of the garden, but not this patch. Has anyone got any ideas please? I hate...
  7. Mushtaq

    Scientist works to grow meat in lab

    By Harriet McLeod CHARLESTON, South Carolina | Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:00am EST CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - In a small laboratory on an upper floor of the basic science building at the Medical University of South Carolina, Vladimir Mironov, M.D., Ph.D., has been working for a decade to...
  8. bobthenob

    Lets Grow Food

    I have grown many plants while l was a gardener in England and wondered if anyone would like to know a few things about gardening and how to grow your very own produce. What would you like to grow that will benefit your family as well as financially.Would you like to grow Brussels ready in time...
  9. Mushtaq

    Fears grow that Irish economy will befall same fate as Greece

    Country's budget deficit now worst in the developed world By Sean O'Grady, Economics Editor Friday, 1 October 2010 Ireland edged closer to default yesterday as her government said the already crippling cost of rescuing her banking system had risen to almost €50bn (£43bn). The latest bank...
  10. Ian

    Grow Bags

    Hiya Folks, Anyone seen any grow bags around locally as I want to plant for the summer.
  11. shirleyanntr

    Turkey İran grow closer

    Turkey's Gul: Iran's role in region vital Sat, 19 Jul 2008 Turkey's President Abdullah Gul says Iran plays an important role in establishing security and peace in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Iran has a significant position in regional developments, President Gul said in a meeting with the...
  12. merlin

    Arab investments grow in Turkey....

    Since the less-friendly atmosphere in the US and European Union following September 11, 2001, towards Arab investors, Turkey has since a jump in Arab capital in-flow this year. At the end of 2004, around 200 companies with Middle Eastern (ME) origin began operating in Turkey. A total of $42...
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