1. S

    Foreigner Meetup Groups

    Hi! We have a "foreigners in Izmir" group going. Was wondering if anyone wanted in? There are also Turkish people who participate of course, use it as more of a speaking club.
  2. K

    Trekking, camping and exploring Aegean part of Turkey with English speaking groups

    Who is in?🕺
  3. Yalides

    Names For Groups You Never Knew

    • A brat of boys • A giggle of girls • A stagger of drunks • A tedium of accountants • A stitch of doctors • A whine of losers • A jerk of politicians
  4. B

    Any social groups in altinkum ?

    Hi , my name is Surriya ! I just joined the forum! I live in Glasgow ( Scotland ) but will be coming out to altinkum beginning of September , I would be looking to meet up with anyone living in altinkum or going out in a regular basis. I have an apartment in turkey and will be going out on a...
  5. M

    E-Visa for Family and Groups

    I saw some notes talking about a Family E-Visa and also for Groups but cannot see anything on the official site which actually states each person must have their own. Anybody know if Family / Group ones will follow? Mark
  6. B

    Groups to be banned.

    BBC News - Minbar Ansar Deen and Boko Haram face UK membership ban It is not before time that certain groups should be banned from operating in the UK. There have been some terrible reports of the actions of Boco Haram in particular. Although they are based in...
  7. D

    baby groups?

    Hello everyone, :~) I have just moved to alanya and just getting to know the place! I would like to know if there is any baby groups in the area? If anyone could help would be great thanks,
  8. G

    Creche or baby toddler groups?

    Hello I have lived in Fethiye for 2 years now and I have a lot of friends and acquaintances but as the Mum of a 9 month old baby you suddenly find that you lose a lot of friends!!! I have to say I do not blame them either - who wants to be hanging around with a baby when you can go off to the...
  9. scotssteve

    Clubs; Groups; associations etc

    Following the recent and extensive list of bars and restaurants for winter - and a number of posts on activities. Can we put together a list of social activities (other than eating and drinking) which bring people together over the winter and into summer. Topics such as language, reading groups...
  10. L

    R there any Creative Writing groups in and around Didim pls?

    Any info appreciated
  11. M

    Walking Groups

    Hi,does anyone belong to or know of any walking groups in the Marmaris & surrounding areas ? I would also like to hear from anyone who has details of any walks they have done.I have found quite a few good walks,but without any decent maps or local knowledge it can be a bit difficult...
  12. J

    Mother and baby groups?

    Hi there! I am expecting my first baby on July 14th and will be moving to Turkey I'm guessing in September at the moment. I know in England there are loads of mother and baby groups? Are there any groups in Altinkum like this, or anyone expecting that might like to set up a group with me!! I...
  13. ceemac

    Rights groups slam murders of transsexuals in Turkey

    These murders were news to me. 'ANKARA - Rights groups concerned over the recent deaths of a number of transsexuals in Turkey expressed their worries in a letter to the Turkish government Monday.' Here C
  14. S

    Euro 2012 Groups

    England v Wales then! Must be the Welsh to top that group eh?
  15. O

    Kids groups activities?

    Hi All, We are all settled ın to new home & everything seems fine, MIL has supplıed carpets beddıng etc so we are all 'frılly turkish' styleeee! Have Turkish lessons & school under 'control' goıng to start next term whıch I believe ıs 8 Feb to gıve Shelly (11 yrs) chance to learn Turkish a...
  16. Minajayne

    Parent toddler type groups in Turgutreis..?

    We're due to come out at the end of June and this time its for good (hurrah), anyway, i wondered if anyone knows of any parent/toddler group or something similar in the Turgutreis area. It can be a lifeline with two boys under 18 months!!!
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