1. S

    Looking for ground floor apartment.

    Hello, my wife and I own an apartment 4th floor in kusadasi,and are now looking for a ground floor apartment with small garden, Davutlar area kusadasi area ,we so much want a small garden ,my wife loves flowers etc, price around £26,000.00, around 160,000.00 tl Thank-you in advance.
  2. Spurs

    Ground control

    Incredible science. Deliberately kept away from certain planets for fear of contamination of said planets. Cassini: Space mission's grand finale - BBC News
  3. S

    Tourist numbers on the ground

    Now that we are at high season what's the feeling and experience around Turkey re tourist numbers this season? Busy, dead, normal? I know we can look at official figures but I oft think the on the ground experience of local buzz or lack of it during tourist peak season is a better barometer
  4. M

    disabled or ground floor appt

    Hi There Nicky and i always stay in calis but was wondering if there was any good hotels in the centre of fethiye that anyone can recommend to us mike and nicky
  5. M

    disabled or ground floor appt or rooms

    Hi ladies and gents does anybody know of any hotels in dalyan that have disabled rooms, we have stayed in the portakal hotel before and sandybrown which is now a boutique. any suggestions will be greatly received mike and nicky
  6. R

    Ground Floor Apartment Wanted

    Hi All I am looking for a ground floor, 2 bed apartment for approximately one year. It would need to be near a dolmus stop, and not on too much of a hill. It would also need to have a water heater, and the potential for wifi. My budget is 500tl. Thanks. Rosie
  7. R

    Ground Foor Apartment Needed

    Hi All I am looking for a ground floor, 2 bed apartment for approximately one year. It would need to be near a dolmus stop, and not on too much of a hill. It would also need to have a water heater, and the potential for wifi. My budget is 500tl. Thanks. Rosie
  8. paddington bear

    Ground Rice

    Can anyone please tell me if Pirinc Unu (rice flour) is the same as ground rice? If not, can you get ground rice here in Turkey? I am wanting ground rice for making bakewell tarts as I have nearly used up all my ground almonds which seem unobtainable here. Sue
  9. F

    Above ground swimming pool/giant paddling pool

    Anyone help me with suppliers of above ground swimming pools? Thanks
  10. SLEEPY

    Moral high ground

    Regardless of your views on a dirty war surely the state should for the sake of democracy have the moral high ground ? BBC News - Pat Finucane killing: 'Far worse than anything alleged in Iraq or Afghanistan'
  11. keny

    wanted 2/3 bed ground floor flat

    Hello, We are looking for a the above unfurnished must be south facing with garden near beach amenities and smart.Instant cash.Please pm me with full details/pictures if possible and contact details.Thanks.
  12. Deri

    Above ground pool

    My husband wants a small pool he can exercise in, he has poor leg circulation after having hip replacements. We can't afford the hole in the ground, nor do we want all the hassle of planning consents etc. Can we have an above-ground pool? About 3m x 4m. Can anyone suggest a supplier? We...
  13. rvanbaelen

    Ground floor duplex apartment for sale Hillside Complex Akbuk

    I'm selling my ground floor duplex apartment at Ufuk Hillside Complex in Akbuk (Zeus B1/1). The property was bought as an investment 2 years ago, it's brand new (maybe used 6 weeks !), fully furnished. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, .... also it has a large private garden en...
  14. rvanbaelen

    Ground floor duplex apartment for sale Zeus B1/1

    Hi, Just to let you know I'm selling one of my apartments at Hillside complex (Zeus B1/1). It was bought as an investment and with high pound -> euro conversion rate, maybe for some of you or your friends it might be a good opportunity to buy now. More information here After all you are in...
  15. A

    Ground cover

    Our lawn , here in Fethiye, has been destroyed by turf caterpillar moth. I turned the lawn into a chemical desert ,this summer, without success. I am reluctant to use Napalm, the neighbours might complain. We have decided to use ground-cover. At this stage gravel is not being considered. What...
  16. janA

    Two bedroom ground floor apartment for rent

    I hava a friend who has a two bedroom ground floor apartment available for long or short term rental in Akyaka. Only built this year and it over looks the Azmak river, close to beach and shops. please pm me for any info and i will pass your details on
  17. B

    wanted 3 bed ground floor for long term rental

    3 bed ground floor furnished appartment wanted for long term rent,referances can be supplied carfour area and towards altinkum
  18. niyaz

    Pound losing ground

    Lira is getting stronger everyday against pound sterling. This is not looking good for us. Well i am coming to Dalaman in May and i wonder if the pound sterling will hold it's ground and if not then less spending for me.
  19. O

    Ground floor appartment, basement tapu

    Hi guys. I have an apartment which is obviously ground floor, bought from so called big company in altinkum. Cant even sell for 50% less than when i bought 5 years ago. Today an agent said the tapu states its basement storage, why would this be case, and is it the developer cutting corners...
  20. JML

    Required Long term rental Yalikavak central and on the level ground.

    Looking for a small furnished appartment central (ish) Yalikavak, required for at least 6months maybe as long as 2 years for elderly English lady.Must be situated on the level.
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