1. S

    cost of groceries

    hats off once again to the Bodrum Bulletin for a really interesting report on the costs of groceries, comparing the "same basket" from Migros and Sainsburys. very informative- many thanks for an article than pertains to day-to-day living here.
  2. shirleyanntr

    cost of groceries uk

    i haven't done any shopping in the uk for years..groceries used to cost me a fortune..i used to spend about a 100 quid a week..(Tescos and Marks)that was for my sons friends .all growing lads.. now i get by on about 50 lira a week for 2..the most expensive item is meat..but we don't...
  3. immac

    Groceries Home Delivery

    I live in Fethiye. I have come to rely upon Migros Home Delivery service linked to their on-line ordering facility. Very efficient and reliable. The driver has informed me that this facility is now being terminated. I have been to Gima to ask if they do the same, but was told that it was not...
  4. I

    Getting groceries home?

    How do you carry goods down from the migros etc when the temperature is high, food that should be kept chilled. Has anyone any ideas.
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