1. Y

    Gripes & Groans

    Let me be the first to post here. This is surely a more appropriate place/thread name for all those folks who may have an axe to grind about the local area or specific sitesi. :speaknoev Of course PRAISE is not "Verboten" and with time and effort, harmony will develop and flourish. :95im: A...
  2. Mushtaq

    Ryanair: passengers' top five gripes

    Ryanair: passengers' top five gripes The bag check-in charge is a favourite complaint for some low-cost airline passengers 1) The bag check-in charge is a favourite gripe for some low-cost airline passengers. Ryanair charges £10 to check in one bag, then £20 each for the second and third bags...
  3. Mushtaq

    Heated topics - my gripes

    I have closed the other topic as I think it reached it's peak, the points raised in there however are interesting and maybe we can continue here. Some things that I have noticed on this forum and that annoy be at times are; when people generalise, like all estate agents are dodgy, or you can't...
  4. F

    Moan groans and gripes on estate agents.

    Chaos in Altinkie 4 0f us arrived for a 2 week stay in our new house in altinkum. I had problems getting our estate agents to contact me on everything pre-visit unless it entailed cash for them. There were several excuses made by them for this. Before we went out we had agreed to buy a suite...
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