1. Spurs

    The Grim Reaper is back.

    Never liked him from the start & plain to see Paxman feels the same. Started as a "backroom body" (read into that as you will), fully fledged fiddler of mortgages, pensioned up to the hilt from the EU & certainly someone who you would want in font as opposed to behind. Considers the general...
  2. P

    Grim looking swimming pools..???

    I would like to ask a question regarding swimming pools. Looking around at resale properties as I have been doing I've noticed that many show pools that are often horribly dicoloured (murky green or greyish!) and very uninviting. We all know that pools are supposed to be a nice clean blue...
  3. D

    grim predictions for turkey ( todays press)

    In 2005 Turkey's revenue from tourism increased to more than $18 billion, with the number of tourists increasing by 20.4 percent compared to the year before, to 21 million. So what is the prediction for this year? According to Economy Minister Ali Babacan, tourism revenues are expected...
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