1. kemerkid

    Birthday greeting to butt007.

    Many happy returns old timer you are living proof that milk does you good. I hope you have a very enjoyable day with lots of birthday cards. Best wishes.
  2. Harem


    Subject: AUSTRALIAN TELEPHONE GREETING Wouldn't it be amazing if this was to be introduced in the UK and USA ? This is the actual message you get when you phone the Australian social services/benefit office! 'GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO "CENTRELINK" THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL SERVICES AND BENEFITS...
  3. Yalides

    Another Christmas greeting

    A happy Christmas and great new year to all my friends, enemies, detractors, ginger haired people and even Liverpool FC supporters. Don`t drink too much or eat too many sprouts as the combination is lethal. :49:
  4. kale

    Birthday greeting

    Happy birthday to Suzyq Babsgood,Fire fox all enjoy your day Kale yvonne x :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  5. perfect1949

    season's greeting's to you all

    I would like to wish you all the very best for the festive season , even those that don't like me :bigkiss: . dave
  6. T

    Greeting from Akbuk

    Hi Everbody, We are Turgut and Tulin from Akbuk in villa 15. I think we have met most of you. Just to update you on what is happenning here in Akbuk. We are happy to say that we got our Tapu and that Ayhan is ready to give out the tapus but at a price ( to help him pay off his debts and stop...
  7. lartiste22

    Greeting New Year 2011

    Hello to Hillsider's At the end of 2010, we wish all hillsider's, joy, happiness and prosperity. That the new year bring you happiness with your family and enormous joy. Hoping to see you at your holiday Tr Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 ZEUSC4 That the holidays are rich with joy...
  8. bickern

    In case you are stuck for a New Year greeting.

    Happy new year! -> Mutlu Yılbaşı Happy new year! -> Yeni yılın (yılınız) kutlu olsun! Happy new year! -> Mutlu yıllar! (Alternative) I wish you happiness, luck and prosperity in the new year. -> Yeni yılda mutluluk, şans ve zenginlikler seninle (sizinle) olsun. Happy new year, with my most...
  9. Frank&Mary

    Greeting from sunny Derbyshire

    Hello All We have recently bought a property in the Gumusluk area and as we are newbies to holiday homes and Turkey are looking for all kinds of practical information to get by. We came across this site almost by accident and found it to be packed full of useful stuff, thanks to all you guys...
  10. kennynsue

    Personalised Greeting Cards

    Greetings Cards Greetings cards for all occasions available from SIOUX GREETING CARDS. Cards can be personalised. Handmade cards also available. Based in Yalikavak. Please PM me for more details.
  11. M

    English Greeting Cards For Sale

    For sale Job lot of greetings cards 640 cards total, 625 Cellophane wrapped Hall Mark and other top quality crads, some Hand Made covering a very good range of occasions to be sold as a job lot. The money raised from the sale will be donated to a Local Charity, Sorry no Christmas cards, but very...
  12. CJD

    Bayram Greeting?

    Is there a bayram greeting we can use for our neighbors and friends?
  13. lorraine

    personalized greeting cards made to order

    Member Anne makes and sells personal greeting cards for all seasons, As most of the members living in Turkey know finding a decent greeting card is hard to find. she can make them to order and send out to you, not only for Turkey but the UK too. I have put a link on for sample of the cards...
  14. C

    Free greeting card sites

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