1. K

    Is the grass always greener!!!!!!

    I sit here in my little Scottish village wondering if I have made the right decision, its been one year since I left Bodrum to return home after 12 years!!!!! But now im missing the white cubed houses, the olive orchids and just the special feeling that is there! !!!:35:
  2. S

    Grass always greener?

    I would swap Belfast for Uzumlu in an instant. Unfortunately hubby probably wouldnt leave for Turkey more likely for a different part of Ireland. Whilst I have read many sections on what people miss, friends, families etc do any of you specifically miss your hometown or indeed is that what...
  3. ceemac

    A Change For The Greener In Turkey

    From the top suites in Istanbul’s newest development in Atasehir, one can see the city’s great waterways laid out, the churning waters of the Sea of Marmara devolving into the more docile Bosporus Strait. But it’s not the views that have cast a spotlight on this project, nor their attempt to...
  4. peter the postie

    Help make Altinkum greener

    From Voices online.... For a greener Didim, the Council and Head Office start the campaign “Have a tree planted”. Head Official Ali Katırcı asked for support from Didim public. All NGOs, officers at the public bodies and institutions, students, housewives acted with great sensitivity. Support...
  5. Pheme

    Greener Grass?

    Talking in general to the men out here, the one thing on their mind (apart from sex) is the urge to get themselves to the UK where the streets are paved with gold and everyone is a millionaire. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to explain to them its not really like that, they will still...
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