1. Camden

    US Green Light Given.

    The green light given by Trump, in what seems to be a mutual Election boost for himself and his friend, the fellow corrupt and already indicted politician Netanyahu, to steal further Palestinian land by allowing the annexing of the Jordan Valley and Israeli settlements in the occupied West...
  2. Camden

    Philip Green outed

    Good to see these people with money who gain an injunction to hide their alleged wrong doing being reported in the free press can be thwarted. A pity it takes parliamentary privilege to do it though. Retail billionaire Sir Philip Green has been named in Parliament as the businessman accused...
  3. K

    Turkish green card

    I went yesterday to a Turkish insurance broker to get a green card for my campervan to travel back to the U.K. Cost 400 euros. I went home and telephoned a broker in Istanbul and got a Bulgarian green card for 89 euros big difference. If anyone needs the Istanbul broker telephone number I will...
  4. N

    Urgent advice re buying a green card at the border.

    I am just about to set off on my annual drive to Turkey and my insurers have refused to give me a green card to cover Turkey stating the underwriters are refusing because of the recent troubles. It is being appealed by my insurance company but does anyone know the cost of buying a green card at...
  5. K

    Green card insurance

    I am driving back to the UK with a Turkish camper van the cost of a green card here in Turkey is 407 € does anyone know if it is cheaper to buy at the Bulgarian border. Thanks in advance.
  6. W

    green card insurance for Turkey

    Can anyone recommend a uk insurance company which gives green card for Asian Turkey. Have just been informed that my current insurer(Saga) has completely revamped its green card set up . Reduced length of stay and charging dependent on length of stay are new conditions on my renewal. NFU Mutual...
  7. Mushroom

    Green Card cost please?

    I'm intending to drive from the UK to Gulluk in mid April of next year and not being a sailor I will be doing the strictly overland route from France, Germany etc. Apart from the fact that it seems that I can only have breakdown cover in the European side of Turkey, it also looks like I will be...
  8. suzyq

    New Draft Plan for a Green Tax

    With two planned new taxes on electricity and natural gas consumption, the government will collect 5.2 billion Turkish Liras ($1.8 billion) in new income, according to a draft plan drawn up by the Energy Ministry, daily Milliyet has reported. If the national energy efficiency strategy draft is...
  9. T

    Police and demonstrators clash in High Road, Wood Green 'mini riot'

    Police and demonstrators clashed after a "mini riot" broke out in a busy high street. Members of the Kurdish community clashed with demonstrators at an Islamic Roadshow stall in High Road, Wood Green, yesterday at around 5pm. Police were called to the town cente as arguments broke out between...
  10. Yalides

    Green party gaffes,d.cWc Only fair the tree huggers...
  11. S

    Green card

    We are intending to go to Kos by ferry from Bodrum on our motorcycle which has a Turkish M plate,do we need a green card? and also do we have to still get a Carnet (from port office?)Thanks
  12. HelenSnowball

    Cat turned into a green dragon

    'They looked boring before': Pet styling salon dyes cats to look like green dragons and dogs to resemble bumblebees ... and claim the animals ENJOY it | Daily Mail Online If I tried this on mine, he would just kill me.
  13. Fran Dessop

    Green Hill

    Does anyone know projected dates for Green Hill being open or up and running?
  14. S

    Hair and swimming costumes going green from pool

    Hi Can anyone advise how to sort out a problem of hair and swimming costumes going green in the swimming pool please? Only been happening the last couple of weeks. Is this anything anyone else has been experiencing in Dalaman recently? Thanks in advance for any help or advise given.
  15. N

    Green Card

    As planned I am driving across to Turkey late July. I have insured my card and they have given me a six months green card cover. I have asked for an actual card but they say that it is printed on the insurance documents and that will suffice. I am concerned as I once read a post stating that you...
  16. M

    green nature resort spar hotel how far is it to walk to get in to marmriss

    green nature resort spar hotel how far is it to walk to get in to marmriss / bar street ?? Thanks Michael
  17. shirleyanntr

    Merry xmas to Red Thumbs and Green thumbs

    all the very best those (seven) who (wrongly) red thumbed me :100pd: and the same best to those (thousands) who rightfully gave me a thumbs up :50: Merry Christmas
  18. yalimart

    Green energy levies

    Should we pay these levies ? Is it fair that those who can't have solar Pv should subsidise those that can ? Personally I think not, and the government should pull the plug on these policies including the ridiculous feed in tariffs BBC News - Newspaper review: Energy taxes make headlines Martin
  19. Ian2006

    Green Card - entering Turkey

    Hi - thinking of driving to Fethiye in the New Year. I was told buying 3rd Party Cover at the border would be about 200 lira for 6 months - but looking at it on the Touring & Automobile Site is says 237 Euro (£200) Am I reading this right or is this for Turkish cars driving the other way into...
  20. K

    green card

    Hi Having read biker bills thread about driving to turkey (somthing we are planning to do this year) i am a bit confused about the green card bit.Do we not have to get a green card from our insurance company.? and if not will the green card that biker bill got at the border upgrade our...
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