1. K

    New Greek Entry rules

    The F & C Office has warned that Greece is applying new entry requirements for all travellers in EU who come from outside the Schengen area. This is nothing to do with BXT and will apply to several other European countries as well as UK citizens. Although the warning is for travel from UK this...
  2. C

    ferry to Greek islands timetables

    hi ,where can i find timetables and info on what ferries go from turkey to any of the greek islands for 2019 .thanks
  3. Camden

    Turkey warns Greek Cypriots

    Turkey warns Greek Cypriots over projected offshore drilling. Drilling vessel arrive in 'so-called' exclusive economic zone Greek Cypriots licenses companies Turkey on Friday warned the Greek Cypriots over its "unilateral hydrocarbon-related activities" in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey’s...
  4. R

    Travelling Greek Islands, Cyprus, Greece, Albania

    Hello Everyone, Curious about travelling to the Greek islands near Turkey? Maybe I can answer your questions. I have extensive experience travelling to and from all the connecting ports and ferries between Turkey and the islands, and then also travelling through the neighboring islands by...
  5. bickern

    Finansbank 99.8% Greek Owned

    I don't want to panic anyone but if you are with Finansbank you should be aware that it is majority owned by the Greek National Bank. Apparently Finansbank is ring fenced from its parent but .... Eyes on Finansbank amid Greece?s fallout fears - ECONOMICS
  6. B

    Turkey Buys Greek Debt, Breaking News!

    Turkey under-rights all of the Greek EU debt as Corfu and Rhodes are sold and reverts back to Turkish sovereignty. All current Greek property land Title Deeds are now null & void and transferred to the clear, transparent Turkish land laws. However, current Greek sitting tenants will not be...
  7. yalimart

    Greek Islands from Bodrum

    Its been many years since I jumped on a ferry to Kos but my old bird has conned, sorry I mean persuaded me to do a bit of Island hopping, ironically she was arrested on our last visit for smuggling a ford escort mark 4 plastic wheel trim in. The plan is a couple of nights on each Island, our...
  8. Mushtaq

    Greek Cypriots file war crimes complaint against Turkey

    A group of Greek Cypriots has filed a war crimes complaint against Turkey at the International Criminal Court over what they say is its policy of settling Cyprus’ breakaway north with mainland Turks. Cyprus split into a Turkish-speaking north and an internationally recognized Greek-speaking...
  9. beyazbayan

    Greek church being restored

    Greek church in Alanya to reopen for worship. The article claims over 5000 residents of the Greek Orthodox faith. With the efforts of the local municipality, a 300-year-old Greek church in the Mediterranean resort town of Alanya will be restored and opened for worship to serve all Christians...
  10. O

    Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and T

    EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders on a joint declaration and on the resumption of the negotiations
  11. bickern

    Greek and Turkish Cypriots close to agreement

    This could be good news for the Island but reading further down the article: "The dispute has come into sharper focus since the discovery, first by Israel and then by Greek Cyprus, of vast deposits of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean." Hmm...... Read the full article here. EUROPE -...
  12. Carolyn

    It's nearly all Greek to me!

    Thirty-six languages spoken in Turkey, but data needs update, specialist says ANKARA - Anadolu Agency There are 36 languages spoken in Turkey, but the data should be updated as the latest official data about the issue dates back to 1965, the Linguistics Foundation head Nadir Engin Uzun says...
  13. Lez Zetli

    Turkish Warships enter Greek Waters

    According to a Greek on-line newspaper two Greek TURKISH warships passed between islands near Mykonos. I'm hearing from Greek friends that there are discussions on TV today about what to do about it. One of the suggestions is to close the border between Greece and Turkey. No more shopping runs...
  14. Tommie

    Greek Royal Palece

    I have a lovely palace for sale in Greece. Offers circa 17 Million Euros. Full details here I need this to clear my debts.
  15. Leo

    Kas to the Greek island of Meis

    Hi folks, I will be visiting Kas & Kalkan next week. Never been across to Meis. Anybody any helpful info - like how often does the ferry go, is there more than one, how long doesit take, what is the cost & do I need to book tickets? Cheers Leo.
  16. B

    Greek fires

    Spare a thought for our Greek neighbours it must be a very frightening experience for them. Pictures from the island of Chios.
  17. Tess

    OYKOS Greek Style Yogurt. Turkey ??

    I struggled to find an appropriate place / forum to ask this, sorry I am sure it was there. I have just discovered the sumptious taste of the new to us in UK, Oykos, Luxury Greek Style Yogurt. So far I have sampled the Peach and the Strawberry. Its divine, made by Danone, is it available in...
  18. suzyq

    Visa free regime with Greek islands no picnic for travelers

    Greece, which has been working with EU officials to remove visa requirements for Turkish tourists at some of its islands in the Aegean Sea, on Wednesday officially launched a no-visa regime for five islands, but reports from passengers, tourism agencies and travelers indicate that formalities...
  19. teosgirl

    Turkish nationals visa-free travel to closest greek Islands Well, not entirely visa-free, but a similar process to the one we encounter. According to the article Turks will soon be able to travel to the closest Greek Islands without needing to apply for a visa - rather they will be granted a 2 week stay tourist visa on entering the...
  20. teosgirl

    Volcanic activity on Greek Island of Santorini?? I can't find an English translation yet, but I tried google earlier and found that the Island was being investigated in June last year due to 'unsual activity'. Is the 2012 countdown on?? Charlotte
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