1. C

    The greed of airlines

    Interesting that airlines have applied to Governments and the EU for compensation but when the passengers apply for same they are told 'it's an act of God'.:frown: There's some fabulous photos on Daily Telegraph website of the volcano erupting.
  2. bobthenob

    discrimination and greed

    l just read this article in the voice news paper stating the discrimination of one price for the Turkish and another price for the foreigner's.l have always argued about this for years while l was living here.The abuse l had from many Turkish when l stated there is a discrimination attitude...
  3. K

    It seems like greed to me.

    Just had this from an estate agent whose website I only looked on the net and I am livid. He caught me on the phone at home from turkey, so must be desperate to sell anything perhaps? I won't be hoiking up any offers to adding 15% after 1st August for any property I might be seeking for...
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