Greece is the word !

    Greece trying to woo pensioners with 7% tax rate.. Any thoughts from from the great unwashed?
  2. bickern

    Turkish troops have invaded Greece

    Turkish troops have invaded Greece and occupied a small patch of land on their contested border. Around 35 soldiers marched on to a floodplain site on the east bank of the River Evros at Melissokomeio yesterday. Turkish soldiers and police special forces now have a solid presence within the...
  3. suzyq

    Visiting the neighboring Aegean islands of Greece

    A lesser known fact may be that a number of attractive Greek Aegean islands just happen to lie mere kilometers off Turkey's shore. Why not combine a vacation this summer with a trip to Greece on one of the many routes served from Turkey's popular holiday destinations along the Aegean...
  4. teosgirl

    Turkish flag ferry ban to Greece

    Türk bayrakl? ticari yatlar?n ve yolcu gemilerinin Yunan adalar?na sefer yapmas? yasakland? I have a friend who owns a ferry company which runs between Turkey and a Greek island. They were notified today that the Turkish marine transport ministry will ban Turkish flagged vessels from travelling...
  5. R

    Travelling Greek Islands, Cyprus, Greece, Albania

    Hello Everyone, Curious about travelling to the Greek islands near Turkey? Maybe I can answer your questions. I have extensive experience travelling to and from all the connecting ports and ferries between Turkey and the islands, and then also travelling through the neighboring islands by...
  6. MiddleEarth

    Ferry from Turkey via Greece to Italy

    Would like to travel from the Med/Aegean coast by ferry to Greece and then on to Italy. In Italy I plan to take a train everywhere else in the EU (I am not going to the UK) Anyone out there who has had this experience? If so, do you recommend any web sites where I can search for dates and time...
  7. tykatem

    Ferry Italy - Greece 2016

    Anyone thinking of driving to Turkey this year via Italy. Greekferries Club in cooperation with Minoan Lines ...Have extended the - 30% Early booking discount for passengers and vehicles on the Italy - Greece - Italy routes for a further two weeks until the 25.01.2016 Pete (pbuh)
  8. T

    MB plated car to Greece

    Can anyone confirm if I can drive a Turkish registered vehicle to Greece and use it for six months as I thought I saw it may only be for fifteen days? A green card I believe is a must as is of course all the usual documents.
  9. D

    TURKEY vs GREECE Football.

    Chants of 'Allahu Akbar' were reportedly heard in Istanbul as some Turkey fans shamefully booed a pre-match minute's silence for the victims of the Paris attacks. The friendly itself against Greece was largely forgettable as the action finished 0-0 at the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium. But...
  10. juco

    If Greece exits the Euro?

    I am not too well versed on the financial aspect of UK banks but if Greece goes bust, and exits the euro zone, what are the implications for UK banks? I just dont want to be last in the queue! Anyone got thoughts on this?
  11. beyazbayan


    . Anyone who tries this let us know. Greece to offer 72-hour visas on arrival for Turkey to boost tourism Greece to offer 72-hour visas on arrival for Turkey to boost tourism - Deputies of SYRIZA have proposed creating 72-hour visas at customs gates for Turkish citizens to make...
  12. Yalides

    Buying in Greece,d.cWc Seems...
  13. K

    End of all inclusives in Greece.

    If this comes about i wouldnt be surprised if Turkey is next. Is this the end of all-inclusive Greece holidays? | Metro News
  14. T

    Syriza wins in Greece

    Syriza wins in Greece hope this helps Greece BBC News - Greece election: Radical Syriza party heading for big win
  15. Spurs

    Greece & the Euro

    Here we are again, the will they wont they? I can understand where the Greeks are coming from, they have been taking a right beating over the last few years. Its all well & good the German Finance Minister saying "you cant do that" or the EU elite telling the Greek people "its working". Like...
  16. W

    Greece- Italy Ferries

    we are considering ferry travel from Igoumenitsa -Italy on our road back to the UK in December.Prior to driving the Bulgaria - Balkan route home we had done the ferry route many times before but always pre booked on line with one of the ferry operators. I was just wondering whether it would be...
  17. tykatem

    Italy - Greece Ferry

    For all those thinking about driving to Turkey next year via the Italy - Greece Ferry, Minoan Lines are offering a 25% early booking offer, subject to booking by 20.01.2014 Minoan Lines to Greece - Discounts and Offers Pete
  18. B

    greece v turkey

    having just come back from a lovely holiday in Santorini I am of the opinion that it is now cheaper to eat in Greece, drink in Greece, and holiday in Greece .In my experience the Greeks are far less pushy and seem to be genuinely friendly more so than most of my experiences in Turkey.
  19. N

    Ferry from Turkey to Greece

    My friend in Denizli would like to take a ferry (at the end of February) to Greece. Her final destination is Thesalloniki. In winter, is there ferry crossing and if so, from where to where? Thanks in advance
  20. thingthong

    Lidl Kos Greece

    Hi All Was wondering ,has anyone been to Lidl on Kos. Does it sell alcohol ? Is it the same as at home,ie are the products similar? And finally is it close to the port? Thanks T.:hearnoevi
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