1. D

    What A Great Find...

    Hello All, New to the forum and really glad I stumbled across it as it seems packed with information. I have a wife and 2 young kids and we are beginning our search for a holiday home so hope to get lots of information from some of you with more experience. Hope you are all keeping well...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    The Great Crumpet challenge

    We all like a bit of crumpet. The lack of crumpets is one of the great challenges of living in Turkey. I have tried this Warburtens recipe with great success, after many failures with others. Come on TLFlers, let's rise to the occasion. Photos of your best efforts by this time next week. Who is...
  3. bashful

    One great guy.

    I see it's your birthday again today Firefox. Much loved on here by many, hated by a few. Your honesty baffled most. I hope you are going to mark the day with your family and friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIREFOX.
  4. S

    Still great value

    Turkey?s Marmaris tops list for best value European beach holidays -
  5. hayabusa

    Lewis - What a great Grand Prix Racer.

    Lewis has done it again ! Great drive from him, and a great sport advert for Great Britain. 5th straight GP win at Silverstone and with the fasted lap as well in the race. This of course could be the last Grand Prix in Silverstone. Go on and win the title again Lewis !.....YOU can do...
  6. S

    Great wifi extender

    Meant to post this before and forgot about it In my new pad we had crappy problem that although we had a 12 download where the router sits, at the other end of our place the speed was terrible. Used a TP link extender and got the speed up to 4 HOWEVER I read about the BT Homespot and thought I...
  7. V

    Vodafone UK now great for in Turkey

    I have recently changed my mobile contract in the UK to Vodafone, as they let's me use all my minutes & text & 2gb of data in Turkey. They have just changed their plans & the new ones let you use all your data in Turkey. Shame they changed it too late for me. I have noticed that they do 30day...
  8. S

    Great Price trip

    Now I KNOW Turkeys much further away so I KNOW that's why it's dearer etc and I am NOT slagging Turkey in any way, just highlighting purely from a cash perspective how cheap I find access to my new spot For me two return flights £500 plus 2 weeks car hire £250 in Turkey , whereas I just booked...
  9. S

    Great Price or What!!!

    What about that for a weeks car hire!!!! Prepaid Voucher Booking Ref.: DKL-19614786 Name: Mr Philip ******* Collection Information Please, collect your car from the GOLDCAR RENT A CAR office which is located in Alicante Airport Arrivals Hall. Booking...
  10. Jaycey

    WW2 Nazi submarine discovered in Great Lakes

    WW2 Nazi submarine discovered in Great Lakes "The U-boat was spotted for the first time by amateur scuba divers in late January and they had contacted the authorities. Archaeologists associated with Niagara University of and master divers from the U.S Coast Guard were mobilized on site to...
  11. Akasya

    Great Tidings of comfort and Joy

    Great Tidings of comfort and Joy To all on TLF , their friends , family and loved ones everywhere Peace and Harmony Loving awareness Transcends Happy Christmas Steve and Jackie
  12. juco

    Great British Bake Off

    With all the important issues going on around the world here we have a woman gets national media attention for baking a flippin cake!
  13. B

    Death of a Great cricketer. One of the greats has left us. Bill.
  14. Jaycey

    (The not so) Great Britain

  15. W

    The Not So Great Britain.

    I have just read about Mr Cameron promising to make Great Britain greater. The sooner we get away from this myth the better - we have to start realising that the once Great Britain is no longer great - and just a few examples to make my point. 1. I am currently driving through Europe en route...
  16. H

    Aren't Evisa's great!

    I can't be the only one who thinks that evisa's are a great improvement on the old stamp. I've just got my (and the long haired one's) evisa for our forthcoming trips. 2nd May we arrive, for a week, then June/July for 3 weeks and then August/September for 3 weeks. The one evisa covers them...
  17. Yalides

    Great Turkish music One of our favourites.
  18. B

    Great TV

    A good night on TV last night, for me anyway, Invictus Games followed by The Last Night of the Proms. Bill.
  19. Fuzzy

    Great news for turkcell users

    GREAT NEWS !!! Last year i asked the lady who lives in the summertime on our site and who has something to do with the software of Turkcell--if they could send all these continuous messages that we all receive everyday in ENGLISH !!! she notified me this morning that they are offering this as a...
  20. beyazbayan

    Health İns great offer

    Got this from my insurance man today he is first class H?zl? Resim yükle, internette payla? | resim upload | bedava resim
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