1. B

    War Graves Commission.

    BBC News - Shielding Commonwealth war graves from the ravages of time The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are doing a marvellous job all over the world, long may it continue. Bill.
  2. gerald

    Free graves for foreign residents in Alanya

    From Hurriyet daily news March 19 2013 Alanya Municipality in the southern province of Antalya has opened a 2,000-square-meter graveyard for foreign residents in the district to use free of charge. more...
  3. Mojive

    Tending familes and loved ones Graves...

    Do not think this is either Controversial or Spicy, but I suppose it can be fun????? It is a subject which has been on my mind alot recently.....Im booked in for a creamation when my time comes and told my boys I want to be chucked on the Rubarb plants!!!! I recently went to tend my Mum and...
  4. M

    Peter Graves Dies

    I see from the papers Peter Graves died from a heart attack four days ago, just four days short of his 84th birthday. Shame. Remember him well in Mission Impossible. His brother, James Arness (Marshall Dillon) is still alive and is now 86 years old. Maisie
  5. C

    Promise to protect Anzac graves

    The Australian TURKEY's Prime Minister said today his country would do everything necessary to protect the graves of Australian soldiers at Gallipoli. Visiting Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish and Australian Governments had been unfairly accused of damaging the historic...
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