1. Yalides

    Cilla`s grave

    Cilla Black targeted by grave robbers who stole bronze plaque from star's final resting place There really are some sick f**ks about breathing precious air they have no right too.
  2. suzyq

    Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave

    All babies born in Britain could have the EU flag stamped on their birth certificate within three years. Eric Pickles said there was nothing he could do to prevent the emblem from replacing the royal crest on birth, marriage and death certificates. The Communities Secretary warned the move was...

    Dance on thatchers grave

    Probably the most controversial PM in recent times.Would you raise a glass or mourn her passing. I know what I would do. Not all socialists want to dance on Margaret Thatcher's grave. I want her to go on and on - Comment - Voices - The Independent

    Dance on thatcers grave

    Mods please delete
  5. shirleyanntr

    yet another grave tale

    following on from Letz thread about dying being different ..its not the dying its the departing that might raise (yes a pun) some concerns. this is a true story that happened in Alanya recently. Two men were in the Cenaze Evi and had been prepared for burial wrapped tightly in tidy shrouds...
  6. Mushtaq

    Forgive and Forget or Take it to the Grave?

    Are you the type to forgive and forget or one that will take it to the grave? I'm personally the type to forgive but not forget, life is too short and unpredictable to hold grudges over trivial matters like pride. I would like to die knowing I didn't hurt anyone and if I did, I apologised and...
  7. John O' Dreams

    Heartbroken boyfriend ends life by soulmate's grave

    Heartbroken boyfriend ends life by soulmate's grave - National News, Frontpage -
  8. Squeaky

    Turkish investigators unearth mass grave at military post

    Good evening: If there are still any members on this forum who think that the government are targeting the military and others unfairly, I would like them to tell us all how they think these bones got into an area used as landfill by a gendarmerie station. Oh, if only the mountains could talk...
  9. Gamuret

    Hitler would be turning in his grave!....

    if he was watching the version of the Ring on Sky Arts 2. So would Wagner, the composer. We have another two operas to go on Sunday and Monday afternoon with this production from Valencia. Futuristic hardly describes it. Is anybody else watching it or am I the sole sufferer?? Still, at...
  10. suzyq

    Vatican labels the ordination of women a 'grave crime'

    Making a woman a priest is as sinful as abusing a child, the Roman Catholic Church declared yesterday. New religious rules published by the Vatican set both sins at the same level of gravity and recommended the same punishment for guilty priests. Church officials in Rome insisted that the new...
  11. KKOB

    Archaelogy Vs Grave Robbing

    This subject has come up a few times when discussing archaeological excavations. When does grave robbing become archaeology and what rights does an archaelogist have when it comes to removing funerary items from a grave? What rights, if any, do ancestors of the deceased have to claim the items...
  12. C

    1400 year old grave found

    İZMİR - Turkish Daily News The İzmir Archeology Museum stated that a 1,400-year-old grave containing many historical artifacts made of terracotta was discovered in İzmir's Urla district during sewer construction work conducted by the local municipality. Upon the discovery on the...
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