1. D

    Grape garden bar

    We too have just returned from a 2 week stay - yes, totally agree, bar great, wishing Mehmet and Laura all the very best and will see you in September - Denise, Andy, Jo, George & Alfie - our first stay in Uzumlu - love it, its beautiful and can't want to return - so sad to leave - my daughter...
  2. F

    Grape Garden Bar

    I have just returned from a 3 week stay in Uzumlu and what a delight the new Grape Garden is, I had Sunday lunch there and it was GREAT I hope all goes well for Mehmet and Laura who run this peaceful oasis in the village centre.
  3. carolgriffiths

    Does anyone know where Eric from Grape bar is?

    His english bull terrier is at the dog shelter................has he wandered off or been "dumped".He is a lovely dog and if anyone is in contact with Eric,please ask him to contact Val or Ali Darmus asap
  4. F

    Uzumlu (Village of the Grape)

    Uzumlu (meaning grape yard or place of grape) is located on a plateau which it shares with the neighbouring village of Yrncirkoy (meaning fig). It remains an unspoilt working village where its inhabitants depend on agriculture and traditional crafts for their income. The locals use the land to...
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