1. K

    Child care pay for grandparents?

    Do you know about this? It has been kept very quiet! Grandparents 'miss out' on National Insurance pension perks - BBC News and another article from the financial press...
  2. juco

    Grandparents allowed parental leave!

    Anyone got further info on this, sounds good on the surface but wondering what the downside will be. Link: Working grandparents to share parental leave and pay - BBC News
  3. ted j

    Going to be Grandparents

    Kath and I are going to be Grandparents Our Daughter Tracy is going to have a little girl, Eva on new years eve (the day before HER birthday ) Didn't want to say anything any earlier in case I jinxed someting. Ted
  4. Mary

    Grandparents at last-baby girl

    Hi all, Our only daughter and her hubby have a tiny baby girl 9.56am this morning weighing 5lb 12oz. Isabella May (Izzy for short) We have kept this quiet only because 7 years of trying, 2 miscarriges and fertility treatment, a very difficult pregnancy only kept stable by many hospital...
  5. shirleyanntr

    Godzilla grandparents.

    im joking..dont go for the jugular.. .. We seem to have a lot of new proud Grans and Grandads on the forum. My friend Lynda has been having phantom labour pains for six months..she did everything but deliver the baby on Wednesday....and now shes a proud Gran! im wondering if anybody has had...
  6. scoobydoo

    First time Grandparents

    Hello all, Whilst on holiday in Altinkum, we had a text to ring home urgent. My daughter had gone in to labour 10 weeks early. Fortunatly she gave birth to 2 small but healthy baby boys. Jake William 2lb 10oz and Joshua Martin 2lb 14oz. They are two week old today and doing great in special...
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