1. newhorizon

    Turkish governor 'bans' elevators in public buildings in fight against obesity

    Reading articles in various newspapers this morning , as is common at start of a new year with new goals, diets, juicers, gadgets, shakes etc it was refreshing to read about a Health official in Turkey who has banned elevator use for first 3 floors just making a small change... "Dursun Ali...
  2. Firebrand

    Regional governor attacked when visiting Uludere

    Uludere Kaymakam?na linç giri?imi! - Haber Videolar? - Habertürk Video I wonder what the reaction would have been if Erdogan has visited?
  3. karios

    Ripped off? contact Governor of Muğla

    I just found this number for anyone who feels they have been ripped off in anyway. I don't know what good it is but gives people a place to vent their frustration i guess. Back in 2009 the The Governor of Muğla carried out a survey carried with a private research company that concluded that...
  4. E

    Area Governor for Bodrum??

    Can anyone tell me WHO the Area Governor (Kaymakami) is for the Bodrum area please. Or the British Consul for this area. AND how I can contact them. Many thanks.
  5. merlin

    Governor of Ankara seeks closure of gay group....

    The governor of Turkey’s capital Ankara has asked the courts to order the closure of a newly-formed gay rights group, a move that could anger the European Union which has demanded Turkey guarantee freedom of expression. The Ankara governor’s office said the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural...
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