1. IbrahimAbi

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Banks of England had died. RIP Gordon, possibly the best ever. That debate will start now. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/12/gordon-banks-dies-world-cup-winner-england-1966-goalkeeper
  2. pepperkat

    Cameron does a Gordon Brown

    Posh Dave on a drum bashing gig up in Yorkshire forgot he was miked up and said " We knew Yorkshire people hated everyone else we didn't know they hated each other". Got news for you Davey boy we don't hate each other, or everyone else, only posh Tory exEtonian gobsh1tes .
  3. Spurs

    Gordon Brown

    Never been a fan of the bloke & felt Blair never done him any favours but it will be Labours loss. I also think without his input on the Scottish Referendum the vote may have been a lot closer. BBC News - Gordon Brown 'to announce he will stand down as MP'
  4. B

    Gordon Brown to stand down as MP.

    Gordon Brown: Parliament's highest-earning MP - Westminster BBC News - Gordon Brown 'to stand down' as MP at general election Like many former MPs and Prime Ministers, I don't think that Gordon Brown will miss the MPs salary...
  5. Yalides

    Gordon West dead

    See Everton Goalie Gordon West died a few days ago. One of the best Keepers of his era.
  6. H

    Big thank you to Gordon

    We were in gumusluk 24th feb going to our house on Gumsan 1 we stopped at Ercans place and a puppy ran across the road, I asked who it belonged to and ercans family said "it is nobodys dog" that was it in the car she went, she is a Turkish sheepdog type very intelligent, took two days to toilet...
  7. R

    Gordon Brown has resigned and now going to see Queen

    Breaking News Gordon Brown has resigned and now going to see Queen to tender his resignation to the Queen.
  8. R

    Bye gordon

    So here we go again, onother British Prime Minister who has never been elected by the British public, is about to hit the dust. Before you lot start, this is NOT a party political issue. Alec Home (tory) was Prime Minister in 1963, and was thrown out the first time the British public were...
  9. v6cod

    Gordon Brown puts his foot in it.

    Oh dear Gordon Brown has put his foot in it BBC News - Gordon Brown 'mortified' by his 'bigoted woman' slur what a shame :dance:
  10. KKOB

    If You're A Fan Of Gordon Ramsey.......

    .............This website is definitely for you Gordon Ramsay Soundboard
  11. shirleyanntr

    Gordon Brown is a disgrace

    ive just seen a copy of the handwritten letter from Gordon Brown to the mother of Jamie Janes who was killed in Afghanistan. Mrs Janes is making a fuss and rightly so... İ am absolutely horrified that a man who is a leader of his country can neither spell nor write coherently and to offer this...
  12. KKOB

    An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

    Read the letter and if you agree with it sign the petition too. ( Come on Bob, this one's definitely for you ! :wink: ) Grumpy Old Sod.com - Time to go, McGordon McBroon!
  13. tykatem

    Gordon Brown

    Gordon Brown or Gordon the Useless One as he is known by some of his colleagues was looking for a lady of the night. He found three such girls in a local pub, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. To the blonde he said, 'I am the Prime Minister of England. Now how much would it cost me to spend...
  14. Mushroom

    Gordon Brown - competent or a clown ?

    Good old Gordon has bought all us UK tax payers a share of a bank. I never asked for it, but that's generosity for you ! It only cost £110 Billion, cracking deal then for just £3500 each. I thought our taxes were to fund such essentials as the NHS, Schools, defence etc, but no, we are now...
  15. Andy

    Hurricane Gordon nears UK.

    Hurricane Gordon is on it's way (update) Parts of the UK are facing the risk of localised flooding as the tail-end of a hurricane makes its way towards Britain. Northern Ireland and Scotland will be worst hit when Hurricane Gordon arrives on British shores. The storm is set to bring heavy...
  16. Mary Gambrell

    Gordon To Raid Holiday Homes

    Chancellor BrownTo Raid Hi all, anybody read the papers today "Gordon to Raid Holiday Homes", Nearly a milliom Brits with holiday homes abroad could so face a tax probe.Taxman is entitled to information on people who have not declared income on money earned offshore.750,000 brits could end up...
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