1. shirleyanntr

    foody goodies from Antakya

    we got up in the early hours to receive a huge box of homemade food from Antakya. came on the bus. i dont know whether to laugh or cry as we are trying to lose weight.:crying::5: Antakya food has many specialties and variety and is known to be the best in Turkey its a mix of old Turkish and...
  2. Andy

    25% off Monsoon goodies

    Discount: 25% Minimum Spend: £0.00 From 17th April & expires: 20/04/2008 Applies to: Everything Follow the link below.... You then fill in your email address and they email you the voucher. All you need to do to get 25% Off, is print and show this...
  3. R

    Anyone want goodies when I come to Akbuk/ Didim?

    Hello I am flying out on the 21st March and upgraded to treat myself. Does anyone want any goodies, such as bisto gravy, salad cream, crisps, anything you miss that I could bring out for you. Nothing fresh mind, like meat, just packet things like I have mentioned. I dont mind bringing a few bits...
  4. M

    Free Original Source Goodies Bath/Shower Stuff.

    Click on link, register with them and then they send you samples and request feedback from you on website, when you have left feedback they keep sending you more freebies to try.
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