1. Akasya

    Tonight i'm gonna party

    The great thing about New Years Eve is that on the whole it is non religious and non political , everyone can join in , practically the world over. What was your best / worst NYE , did you meet a partner , did you leave a partner. Did anyone get engaged , enjoy the birth of a child. See a...
  2. Mojive

    So what are you gonna smother all over Yours????

    Now behave I am talking PANCAKES here!!!!!:D Its Shove Tuesday..... For me it would be (on diet so not having any) Maple Syrup and Ice Cream......Yummy :roundgrin :504xn:
  3. christella

    im gonna be a great granddad

    just had the news my grandsons girlfriend is pregnant they get married next year im only 62 but all or a sudden i feel really old
  4. P

    We're all gonna DIE!!! :(

    Tonight is our last night on earth, tomorrow when they start up the Large Hadron Collider we could all be dead - sucked into a black hole or blown to smiitherines in the big bang! Any ambitions you had in life are now gone, you will not see the day after tomorrow. Kiss goodbye to your kids, your...
  5. the sausage king

    at last its gonna rain

    Heard today that a v bad storm hit fethiye today and its gonna land in bodrum, i have taken off my kit and am now waiting for the rain as i am gonna dance in it drinking vodka and orange. never thought i would be happy to see rain and so ends the summer of 2007.
  6. T

    I Gonna Live There if it kills me

    Well they say you either love it or hate it & i love it and i want to get the wheels in motion to live in turkey. Could anybody help me with the issue of opening a bank account. If i was to transfer any money from England what sort of charges would they be and what sort of interest should i...
  7. K

    Who Is Gonna Be The World Champion?

    Well Actually We Would Like Turkey To Be The World Champion But Unfortunately Turkey Is Eliminated So I Wonder Who Is Going To Be He Champion? According To Me Brazil Is The Strongest. But I Hope England Will Be Win
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