1. L

    News for golfers in Bodrum

    The golf course in Camlik outside Bodrum, is now open. At least the first 9 holes. Perhaps not the very best course, but 100 TRY for 9 holes, and 150 TRY for two rounds. I heard it will be 18 holes this summer.
  2. PASH

    For all the golfers out there

    Bit of Sunday fun.. Golf Joke: The Women's Tee - YouTube
  3. Lindacm

    Villa for golfers

    My husband and his golfing buddies are looking to rent a villa next year in Belek. They want to play 3 rounds of golf and are looking for a nice hotel at a reasonable cost....or a villa. Does anyone have a villa for hire for 5 people for 4 days in Belek during Nov next year? Thanks, Linda
  4. yalimart

    Golf and golfers what planet ?

    I have always been of the opinion that golfers are a strange breed, they have dress codes that say you can wear a cheap fairisle pullover made in a pakistani sweat shop and must wear a pair of marks and spencers slacks that at best cost no more than £19.99 to cap it they also wear shoes with...
  5. zozatky

    Any Golfers out there???

    Question what is the criteria needed to become an International Golf course.???
  6. S

    Looking for golfers

    Hi folks,I just returned from two weeks in Alanya.We have bought a place near Tepe Villas and we were out buying what my wife told me were the bare essentials but I can assure you it felt as though I was trying to prop up the Turkish economy single handed. Anyway it's pretty much all done and I...
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