1. Jaycey

    Golf Anyone?
  2. S


    Would anyone know if the vita Park golf club has re-opened
  3. M

    Kusadasi Golf

    Hi all , I was wondering if anyone on here plays golf at the International Golf Resort. We've recently moved over here and the course looks quite decent with reasonable membership rates
  4. F

  5. F

    Golf article about Antalya in NY Times
  6. I

    Belek Golf

    Are there any discounts available on green fees for owners locally?
  7. S

    Alanya Golf Clubs x 6

    Can anyone she'd any light on proposed golf clubs in Alanya. I've seen that in Payallar Konakli that land is apparently up for tender to build a new golf course. 6 sites have been earmarked. My research seems to be limited but others may be able to find out more if they are in Alanya. I did see...
  8. F

    Kadriye Golf Society Still Going ?

    Hi, Anyone know if the Kadriye Golf Society is still going, i used an email i found on here but didnt get a response. Im coming to belek jul 1-111 and was looking for info on greenfees/clubrental prices. rgs
  9. C&G

    Kusadasi Golf Resort

    Hi, We are just about to buy an apartment at Kusadasi Golf Resort. Any feedback, good or bad? Many thanks in advance...
  10. J

    Golf Villa Akbuk

    Looking for anyone that owns these units. Please get in touch by either posting or private message. Thanks.
  11. R

    Golf in Belek

    Hi all . I've lived in Side for 8 years now and want to start playing golf again . Does anybody know of any clubs / associations in Belek for expats . I'd also like a few lessons as I've not played for years . Any info would be fantastic . Thank you 😃
  12. hayabusa

    Golf course in Mugla.

    Hi there, Are there any Golf players in Mugla ?...... I was looking for some Golf courses to play Golf in Turkey and wanted to know where the courses are in and around Dalaman, Mugla or Akbuk. There must be a number of expats still playing golf........
  13. R

    Vita Park Golf Course

    Hi - can anyone tell me if the golf course has opened up again or not? Cheers .................. Anne
  14. K


    Hi. I am in Altinkum until end of October. Are there any groups that I can join up with for a round of golf?
  15. A

    Sarigerme golf

    Has anybody got the latest information on the proposed golf course at Sarigerme I have checked the threads and the latest is a few years old. I think that it would be a great asset to the area but doubt very much that it will be completed unless someone like Hilton Hotels back it.
  16. B

    Colm Hurl Flamingo Golf Resort

    COLM HURL, MAGHERAFELT-BARGYLLIUM-FLAMINGO GOLF RESORT-BARFA-DR REGI-AQUARIUS PROPERTY SALES DUBLIN-O'BRIEN SOLICITORS DUBLIN- RICKY HATTON-FOOLS AND HORSES I looked at "the hill" five years ago, does anyone know if Property Developer/Landlord / Bookie/ Chip Shop Owner/Colm Hurl is still...
  17. W

    Golf Course Seregeme

    As any body heard any news about the Golf Course at the Hilton in Seregeme.
  18. G

    Esin Golf Villas

    Has anyone purchased a unit on this site? If so I am attempting to bring all the owners together as the site is not being maintained in the proper manner by the developer. Please identify yourself or post any relevant information. Thankyou.
  19. J

    golf courses

    Does anyone know the latestnews about the proposed golf courses?
  20. Fuzzy

    Golf clubs for sale.

    Full set of Walter Hagen Gents Golf Clubs. Irons--2 thru 9 + Sand Wedge + Pitching Iron + Putter. Woods--1,2,4,5 + Maxi Driver. Black Bag with Zipped Cover. Lots of spare Golf Balls + Tee,s. Like (New Golf Shoes)--Size 11, American Measure. 100 pounds, Complete. Please call Gene on ...
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