1. bickern

    Kill the goose and you lose the golden eggs

    Stephen Rubin founded a massive sports and leisure group that now owns Berghaus, Ellesse, Mitre and Speedo, as well as part-owning JD Sports. Last year, he and his family, the biggest tax contributors in Britain, handed over £181.6 million in tax, which is £497,530 a day. They are, admittedly...
  2. immac

    Golden Syrup Substitute

    I have been looking for Golden Syrup (in Turkey) without success. I see that you can substitute honey, maple syrup or corn syrup. Honey and maple are getting expensive. I have found Glikoz Şurubu (Mısır Şurubu) Glocose Syrup...
  3. K

    Golden park rental

    Hi everyone.. Hope you are all well 😆 I'm looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment To rent for august 15th until 5th September, can anyone help please. I had a booking with a lovely lady but unfortunately she cancelled yesterday.. Any help would be appreciated xx
  4. Jaycey

    Happy Golden Eagle Festival everybody!

    Happy Golden Eagle Festival everybody! Some stunning pics! Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia
  5. B

    Golden Park

    Rental required on golden park penthouse if possible early June for two weeks Richard
  6. K

    DIDIM Golden Beach victory

    A great end to the year for the property owners. Good luck with the last piece of the action...
  7. M

    Golden Linseed

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy Golden linseed in Fethiye? Hope you can help :roundgrin Mx
  8. L

    Who has a place at Golden Oak?

    Hello, I am looking for other villa owners at Golden Oak. Paying site fees (from California) has always been difficult. I would like to verify the amount of the current site fees (did they increase?) and how you pay them. Many thanks! Lisa
  9. Peaceplant

    Yalikavak - Golden Retriever

    Well we've only been back in Yalikavak a few days and I've already got embroiled in animal dramas. Was blubbering on my balcony over a dog being beaten at the boatyard and stomping around in the dark looking for the culprit - goodness knows what I could have done but that's me. We returned to...
  10. juco

    Which Golden Girl is this?

    OK own up which one is it? If you dont know or they are in denial which member would best suit this image :-) Lady Dances Like Nobody's Watching At A Bus Stop - Funny Videos at Videobash
  11. suzyq

    Istanbul gets its own Disneyland on the Golden Horn

    The biggest entertainment park in Istanbul, Vialand, has opened its doors with a ceremony attended by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Vialand Istanbul close to thpe city’s Golden Horn region, claims to be the biggest shopping center with its park, aquapark, themepark and...
  12. juco

    TL Golden girls..fame at last

    I rest my case.....:-)
  13. R

    golden park apartments

    Hi does anybody have any info on these apartments the location of them and how far away from the centre cheers David
  14. Sunny Seasider

    Golden Girls Group

    Hi GG's, as there is a ahem 'MEN Only thread seems to be running, thought I'd check in on our very own special group. Come on in and have a chat girls. Now I have been thinking about a new name for us, what does The Dingle Dongle Group sound like? Old and new friends I hope you come allong...
  15. T

    found golden retriver

    hi today i found a glolden retriever male about 3 yrs old i would say in Koyceyiz it followed me and my children home from town he looks very well looked after and obviously has an owner or if you know some one that may he lost one please let them know that he has been found and is safe and well...
  16. B

    Golden Beach Villas - Irish Victims

    These words from the owner of the Golden Beach Complex after the judge ruled against him should sound familiar to the Irish people who lost money in The Golden Beach Villas “Mr Akyel does not want the investors to lose their money or their properties, but he does contest the matter as he did...
  17. arrian

    Golden Garlic/Allium Moly

    i've had these in a planter for many years and never knew what they were until today. i've had lots of comments about them as they are so pretty, and a very bright yellow, and they flower for a long time too. today i called into the £1 shop and was amazed to see the same bulbs for sale, so i've...
  18. S

    golden beach complex

    wats the latest with the tapus does anyone know wats going on??
  19. H

    golden syrup - make your own

    i know this is becoming more widely available here - at a price! this recipe is very easy and tastes just the same. Homemade Golden Syrup | The Waitakere Redneck's Kitchen
  20. S

    golden beach complex

    hello guys i am thinking of buying one the flats from my friend, is this project like timeshare?? or or there is a tapu where each flat will be added on the tapu?? can someone help please dont want to make a mistake thanx
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