1. D

    Gold Smuggler into BG.

    Turkish Lorry Driver arrested at the Lesovo Turkish/Bulgarian Border Crossing. Customs officers from the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and TD Yuzhna Morska seized nearly 2,600 kg of gold jewelry worth BGN 194,367 during inspections of two trucks entering the...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Gold & Divorce

    When gold is given to a couple on marriage, is it considered joint property? Is it a contribution to the couple's newly married life, or an insurance for the bride? More of a cultural than legal question ...
  3. N


    Do you get a better price for scrap gold in Turkey or G/B?
  4. gally

    Turkish Gold Coins - good investment?

    Just wondering if anybody might have some advice on investing in turkish gold coins. Never looked at this before so any help with how to buy/sell, which coins or even if it's a good investment opposed to cash banking? Thanks for any help.
  5. Mushtaq

    Turkey's Ramil Guliyev upstages Wayde van Niekerk and Isaac Makwala to win 200m gold

    It is safe to say, with all the boiling intrigue around the men’s 200 metres last night, that few expected a heavily tattooed Turk of disputed national allegiance to bundle through the pack and spoil the script. Just when this London crowd dared look for more romantic narratives – Wayde van...
  6. bal canavar

    Turkish Gold

    Turkey’s first-ever gold medal at a world athletics event. Turkish runner Ramil Guliyev says 200m world gold result of hard work Among the eight sprinters lined up at the start of the world 200 meters final and the 56,000 people in the crowd watching, only one man probably thought Ramil...
  7. christella


    I'm looking to buy gold as an investment 24 carrot pure anybody bought any and can show me the right direction
  8. bal canavar

    Gold rush MARMARIS

    Get your shovel ( KÜREK) ready...... could be a good tourist draw like another American gold rush ..........:100pd: as Americans say hitch your wagons. Search underway for 18 tons of Gülenist gold in Marmaris extract from article famous for the secret it allegedly harbors rather than...
  9. S

    Looking for apartment in Gold City Alanya

    Hi, I'm looking for cheap 2 bedroom apartment with pool view in Gold City Alanya.
  10. D

    Gold City Alanya

    Hi all I am looking to sell a 1 bed apart villa in gold city at a cheap price. It has beautiful sea views. Tapu in order and selling direct so no agent fees. Anyone interested for quick sale?
  11. Yalides

    Cheltenham gold cup

    £700.00 for drinks and nosh in the hospitality tent ?????
  12. B

    Lost gold turkish eye necklace

    I know this is a long shot, but worth a try! I have lost my gold Turkish Eye Necklace, in the shape of a heart. I believe I lost it in either Sultinaye Hot Springs or the Hammam in Dalaman. Please if anyone can speak Turkish telephone these places for me, and ask if they have found it,please...
  13. S

    Airport transfers to gold city

    Hi we are going to stay at the gold city complex in August and were looking to book transfers with resort hoppa, however from reading online reviews these don't seem that reliable!! There is five of us (2 adults 3 children) so we are planning to book a private transfer both ways. Has anyone...
  14. lilacdiana

    My Gold City Hotel, Alanya

    Hi All A work colleague has asked to see if I can find anything about My Gold City Hotel an Alanya and what the weather would be like in October. Are there any golf courses nearby? I don't know this area of Turkey at all so told her I would ask the people that do!!!! Any info (good or bad) would...
  15. Talkinman

    Selling Gold jewellery

    We have a number of pieces of inherited gold jewellery and frankly I am disappointed at the prices in this country. I have been told that I may get a better price in Turkey! One is a plain wedding band and we have 2 other rings with diamond clusters.All are 9 CRT. Does anyone have experience of...
  16. S

    Gold prices?

    Hi, i'm trying to find out a rough price for a pure gold bangle around the Bodrum area, don't want to go into a jewellers uninformed! They are the sort of bangles worn by Turkish women at special occasions, given as presents at weddings etc., just plain gold, does anyone have an idea? I've...
  17. altinkumforum

    Gold buyers exhibition announce

    Hi All, just wanted to announce an evet for next sunday the 30th. There is gold buyers exhibition at didim jewellery in Altinkum beach front. just below pegasus bar and near nigel's restaurant. If you have scrap, unused or unwanted gold jewelleries, you can bring them and turn into cash or pick...
  18. H

    Buying gold in Turkey and selling in the UK.

    Hi there. Currently sunning it up in Icmeler at the moment. I'd like to say i have no interest whatsoever in gold, but am listening to a lot of brits boasting about how the gold they have just brought here will be worth double in the UK. I suppose my brain is too logical, and has serious doubts...
  19. arrian

    Another Gold for GB

    Bradley Wiggins has won the second gold medal of the Olympics Wiggins soars to Olympic time trial gold - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
  20. P

    First gold,well done.

    BBC Sport - Olympics rowing: Glover & Stanning win gold for Britain BBC Sport - London 2012 Olympics
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