1. B

    gocek doctor ?

    A friend of mine in Gocek has been having really severe hayfever like symptoms along with lack of sleep .Tried anti histamines but not having much effect . Any advice on local Doctors would be appreciated . Personal experience location contact details please A precautionary check up...
  2. bal canavar

    Göcek British FM

    British FM Boris Johnson 'secretly' arrives at Turkish resort in Göcek for family vacation British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his family came to Turkey on holiday last week. Johnson, his wife, and his four children secretly landed at the Dalaman airport and arrived at the Turkish...
  3. bal canavar

    Göcek another idyll for rent

    Tender opens to rent out Turkey?s remote Aegean idyll Göcek - GREEN
  4. lilacdiana

    dolmus to gocek

    Can anyone tell me the cost,travel time and where to catch the dolmus to gocek from fethyie please?? Thank you. X
  5. O

    Gocek Beach

    Does anyone know how much it costs to hire a sunbed on Gocek beach, went there today and asked and thought the lady said 14tl but someone said I must have miss heard and it is 40tl and 70tl on a weekend.
  6. hayabusa

    Boat Hire - Gocek.

    Does anyone know if there is Boat hire avaialbe from Gocek ?....or Are they any Fishing Trips we can go on from there ?.....
  7. A

    Idiot at Gocek Market

    Really fed up with a stupid woman at the market in Gocek. We went to a different pancake ( sorry can't spell the authentic word) stall than usual for our lunch and got charged 25tl for 4 pancakes, a water and a cay! When I complained she gave me three back I know the pancakes are 4 tl each so...
  8. S

    Wanted Villa to rent in Gocek

    Hello everyone, Please can someone help - our friends are looking to rent a villa (with pool) in Gocek from June - Aug 2012 or if there is a possibility of renting for the next 12 months. Our friends are currently in Side and are looking for a different area to stay this year. Please can you pm...
  9. Year Zero

    Greetings from Gocek

    Hello! Been lurking on here for about a year and felt it was time to introduce myself. My wife and I currently rent in Gocek, having been visiting Turkey for the last 5 years. Renting has given us the chance to stay on a semi-permanent basis, and this has convinced us to buy and move here...
  10. M

    market day in Gocek

    when is it market day in gocek
  11. amanda b

    Good Hotel wanted in Gocek

    Can anyone recommend a good 'apart' hotel in or around Gocek?
  12. ceemac

    Restrictions on boats in Göcek lifted

    Many restrictions aimed at protecting bays near the Aegean towns of Göcek and Dalaman from ship and yacht pollution have been lifted or softened. Here C
  13. ZiaCa'

    Gocek Boat Expo - get together, anyone?

    The 2010 expo is from 16th to 20th April, if anyone's interested...maybe we could arrange a get together? ...::: GÖCEK BOAT EXPO 16-20 Nisan 2010 Göcek Marina :::...
  14. S

    Bridge Club in Gocek

    A Bridge Club has been meeting in the Gocek area for a few months now but has recently moved and now meets in an hotel just off the main Dalamn/Fethiye Road in Gocek. If there are any bridge players in Dalaman who would like to join us they would be made VERY welcome. We have players who have...
  15. S

    Gocek management

    hi all there is a new company in gocek for management please pm me
  16. B

    Gocek Vineyard

    Hi would be interested to hear from anyone who has a property in Gocek at Gocek Vineyard complex . Thx
  17. GnD

    Recommended boat trips Gocek or Dalyan?

    Can't find any really recent threads on this local to us. So could/would anyone recommend a boat trip? Believe it or not in over 5 trips still not done this! Too much work til now, but we've promised ourselves at least one day off from running around, hence the boat trip. cheers!
  18. DaveL1234


    Hi Can anybody help. I know there is a market in Fethiye on Tuesdays, but is there one in Gocek and if so on what day. Having a great time sailing in Fethiye. Thanks David & Family
  19. D

    Sponsored walk In Gocek With PICCIES !

    Yesterday saw the start of the 5th Sponsored Walk of 100 km into the mountains around Gocek taking about 4 days to complete. A group of around 50 local business people and from far afeild as Ankara and Istabul attended the start of the walk with a parade thru Gocek centre with music of drums...
  20. R

    Gocek Tunnel

    Hi There Everyone, Last time we were out there the tunnel was almost completed. Is the tunnel open now? Has anyone used it? How much are they charging to take a car through? Just curious. Cheers Ann
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