1. bickern

    Your first goal is the Mediterranean, Forward - September 1, 1922

    GRECO-TURKISH WAR: BATTLE OF DUMLUPINAR, August 26-30 1922, THE GREEK ARMY OF ASIA MINOR IS ROUTED BY MUSTAFA KEMAL. "Armies, your first goal is the Mediterranean, Forward!" - Mustafa Kemal Pasha, September 1, 1922. After World War I, the Greeks attempted to extend their territory beyond...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Own Goal

    I found this comment on the state of Turkish national football very relevant and informative. Well written too. Sadly, the sentiments could equally apply to many other national football teams. Where to start loving the national squad? - KANAT ATKAYA
  3. K

    SGK goal posts moved

    I had cancer last year and was treated at Medstar hospital Antalya which is a private hospital under SGK which covered everything did not cost a penny. Three months ago I was treated with a preventive drug cost nothing. Today I went for my second treatment and was told SGK will no longer pay for...
  4. C

    goal line technology

    it now seems highly unlikely that anything will happen soon as sepp blatter is demanding an instant replay within 1 second!
  5. Yogi

    Goal line Technology

    They have it in Rugby, Cricket, Tennis (and no doubt some others), why not in Football? You would think with all the money in Football it would be a no-brainer. Mind you after todays debacle I can't see it making much difference to the FT score today.
  6. P

    Incredible goal

    Youtube.... Nicky Maynard goal . best goal ive seen for years Pete
  7. Sunny Seasider

    GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIVERPOOL 2 - MANU U - 0 Brilliant!!!
  8. R

    what a goal

    Turkey has won - erm the whole house are now Turkey supporters so I kind of got dragged into the excitement
  9. KKOB

    Turkish Muslim Scores Own Goal ?

    As a follow-up to no-nems question about impressions of Muslims, how's this? Inter Milan football strip 'offends Muslims' By Megan Levy Last Updated: 2:23am GMT 13/12/2007 A football strip worn by Italian team Inter Milan is at the centre of a legal row after a lawyer claimed it offended...
  10. no-nem

    Goal keepers Hat-trick

    Over the weekend, whilst idling away the time in yet another cheap hotel room in Kas where we are contracting, I watched footie on TV8. Firstly Chelseas Peter czech was wearing a cap that resembled my dear deceased mothers old sea bathing cap from the 1960s. Later on watching Portsmouth play Man...
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