1. T

    Winter in goa

    Hi Thinking of spending the winter in goa does anyone know of any long term lets ,or cheap clean apmnts
  2. suecheshireuk

    Applying for a visa from Turkey to visit Goa

    Has anyone gone to the HCI in Istanbul to do this??? I understand that you have to apply to the country in which you live, for us Turkey. Just wondering how easy it is to do here. Really grateful for any help anyone can offer this confused soul.:438qr: Sue xx
  3. suecheshireuk

    Applying from Turkey a visa to visit Goa

    We are looking at visiting Goa but it looks as though we will have to go to Istanbul for our visa. Has anyone done this?? We dont stay in the UK for long enough to do it there, and officially apparently you are supposed to apply for the visa from the country you are living in.. which for us is...
  4. J

    Visa for Goa, flying from Turkey?

    I'm thinking of going to Goa on holiday next year but flying from Turkey. I need to get an Indian visa for me and my family. Does anyone know of anywhere in Altinkum that will do this for us at a reasonable cost? thanks Jelly
  5. M

    Winter in Goa

    Hi, I am wondering if any of you on Tlf have visited Goa in India for months at a time particularly in winter.I have been there on holiday many years ago and loved it.The type of info I am looking for is ,accomodation costs and quality,visa costs,and whether I can do the trip from Turkey,and...
  6. Lillylilly

    Winter! Goa or Spain!!

    Well I fancy a change of scenery for winter time. UK first with the kids............but would go later on to either Goa:36: or Spain? Goa is warmer, cheaper etc but more expensive to actually get there. Spain is more chillier and expensive but good for exploring and walking and Benidorm we just...
  7. Lindy

    Thailand and Goa

    Has anyone travelled to Thailand or Goa from Turkey? We're thinking of taking a break this winter for 3 or 4 weeks and wondered if anyone could share their travelling experiences - flights, accomodation etc. Many thanks Linda :)
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