1. kemerkid


    My Gmail account has somehow been compromised and I only noticed recently that I hadn't received any emails since October. I spent several days last week establishing a strong password but I can only send emails. My incoming and outgoing details seem to be correct. I'm sure there must be a feww...
  2. A


    Anyone having problem accessing their Gmail account? I get the following message, This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. bickern

    Google lets companies read your Gmail

    GOOGLE has admitted it's still letting companies read your emails – but no longer scans them itself, but it used to. These companies are able to snoop on the sender and recipient, the time the email was sent, and even the contents of the email. Worse still, Google even allows these outsider...
  4. O

    Problems with gmail

    Around midnight tonight, we suddenly stopped being able to use our gmail. Error message was 502 = that there was a problem with a server and we should try again in 30 seconds. Switching on Hotspot Shield solved the problem. We now have Expat Shield installed on the other machine (that solved...
  5. Jaycey

    Gmail help!

    I’ve been hacked, it’s complicated. Is it possible to contact Google by email? PS If anyone gets a begging letter from me from the Philippines please ignore it. But you can send me a Czech in Ukraine :smile:
  6. I

    TV gone digital and Gmail problem

    My elderly mum who lives in the UK says she cannot access her Gmail because it requires a mobile phone number and also there is no signal on her tv because they've gone digital today:( Does she have to get a TV technician to retune the telly and what if someone doesn't have a mobile phone to...
  7. R

    Gmail and TLF problems

    Anyone in Turkey having problems with Gmail this morning, I can only access my account through a VPN. Also TLF waits for ages while loading, it says it is waiting for a googlesyndicate page before it will load properly. Through a VPN no problem. Me thinks someone is playing tricks - again.
  8. Struggs

    Gmail & Outlook Express

    My ISP has been taken over by a shoddy outfit, resulting in no internet connection for hours on end, and no e'mails since last Weds. I have set up a gmail addy, and am wondering can I set this up in Outlook Express as well, I have tried to do this, (as I have done with a zoom addy), but haven't...
  9. Acamas

    Gmail invitations available

    If you've been wanting a Gmail account with 2.5Gig storage you can get an invitation from here: If you have spare invitations you can donate here also.
  10. merlin

    GMail... Anyone want a free account....

    Info here... Mail me if you want an account Merv!
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