1. L

    Low Odour Gloss Paint

    Hello I am after white low odour gloss paint, I don't mind traveling to get it. I've looked in lots of places but no luck, has anybody seen any? Thank-you VM
  2. culturevulture

    High gloss MDF

    I want to replace my kitchen cupboard doors. Does anyone know where I can source sheets of high gloss MDF in or around the Didm/Altinkum area, please? Or a website where I could order online in Turkey? I have looked on some websites, e.g.Koctas, Tekzen and Gittigidiyor, but no luck. Mary.
  3. J

    Gloss Paint

    I want to paint my interior doors (wood) with a gloss paint, does anyone know what I should be asking for in turkish, thanks Jan:thanks:
  4. culturevulture

    VERY High Gloss paint......???

    I have a feeling that this might be a long shot, but here goes......:95im: I want to paint my kitchen cupboard doors, to a very high sheen. Is there a paint available in Turkey, for doing this? If so, what is it called? The doors are made of melamime. Mary.
  5. B

    Gloss Paint?

    We need some White Gloss paint for our internal doors. What would we have to ask for in Turkish?
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